The MLM Sales Pitch, Misdirection and Inadvertent Misrepresentation

Have you ever sat in a Coffee Shop or bookstore and listened the sales pitch of a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) recruiter attempting to coax you into their down line? Crazy isn't it? While you are sipping on your "Double pump - White Mocha Frappachino, with whip cream" yes, I am a Starbucks Groupie; you can over hear the conversation a couple of tables over from you about all the wonderful things this person will be able to enjoy later in life if they sign up for this special business.
Now mind you I have a friend in Florida who does MLM, she is happy with it and a very positive happy and nice person.
Of course, we have to keep away from the issue of Amway when I visit, as she is so into it that it more resembles a religious cult.
I am careful not to say anything about it, otherwise it will affect our friendship.
Now then, I consider her an honest person, who means well and I am confident she does not over embellish the sales pitch.
But many MLM people do, embellish, misdirect and even misrepresent.
Recently one of these meetings tool place and a reader emailed her story.
It seems the MLM recruiter had fed her a line of BS and would not answer her questions, after she kept asking him point blank for some answers.
You might find this odd, but this is often the elusive approach they use in their sales techniques.
She was concerned about this and she went to look up on the Internet to find out more about all this.
Her experience was a bit frustrating.
When she emailed us she stated: "Do you know what I found to be the most odd? I asked him in several different ways (psychology trick - ask the same question in different ways to see if the person in question comes up with the same basic answer each time, to test for consistency): what does this all entail? What EXACTLY are you doing when you're working on your "private" franchise? Hell, I even offered up things, like: do you spend a lot of time on the Internet? Do you talk to real people? Do you yourself have to buy merchandise and re-sell it? How to you get potential buyers? Etc.
You know something? He dodged every single question that had to do with the specifics, and instead he offered some success story on CD and 2 brochures, then wanted to set up another "meeting.
" What do you think: do you think he'll want to go to a coffee shop again? Haha...
" All I can say to this person is; Good for you! If more people did this, there would be a whole lot less bogus MLM sales pitches, misdirection and inadvertent misrepresentation.
Personally speaking I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this routine.
I feel as if I could be an actor in a movie playing the part of an MLM sales person, as I can practically recite their whole spiel, I would not even need the script.
I tell you it fries me to over hear these conversations.
Think on this in 2006.
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