"WATCH IT! THERE IS A SNAKE BEHIND YOU" How to Seize Your Reader"s Attention in Network Ma

Did I get your attention with my title? That is how good copy writers get you to read their ads from beginning to the end, by getting your attention and keeping you interested.
Being able to get your readers attention is critical especially with the competition you have to day.
It does not matter how great you think your business, product or service is.
If no one pays attention, you are left with nothing.
So how do you seize you reader's attention in Network Marketing? The first attention grabber that you have to have is your title.
A title that will immediately make your prospect want to know more about your ad.
The best copy writer believe it or not are at your grocery store in the rumor magazines section.
Next time you are there, take a look at the titles.
How attention grabbing they are.
Your title has to some degree, be flamboyant, visible, attractive.
Something that will make your reader think they would want to know more.
It could start like this.
"The shocking truth of..
" Or "The cruel reality of..
" No matter what, if your title does not grab your reader's attention, they will never read the rest of your ad.
Are you paying attention? Good let's keep going! With so much competition, it is impossible for anyone to pay attention to everything going on around them.
Our brains are not made to function that way.
To understand our brains have to pay close attention on precise information.
So once you grabbed their attention with your title and they are ready to read more, it is time to create the sub title.
A sub title is a title that re-affirms what they read to begin with but in an easy format.
It would look something like this.
"Anyone who have the desire to..
" or it could be "For individuals that..
" This will re-enforce your title and the understanding of your reader.
Make sure it is easy to read.
Nothing complicated.
Now that they have read your title and your sub-title, they know for sure they want to know more so they will keep reading.
You first sentence is just as critical as your title and your second sentence is just as critical as your first sentence and so forth.
During your ad, you want to ad teasers.
This is how you do it.
You would start talking about a subject that you know your reader is interested in and then you would stop and say; "More on that a little later" or "I'll explain in the next chapter" By following these few guidelines, you will keep your reader focus and interested.
To get your readers attention you will come across many hurdles.
Some of them are the immense amount of competition, so many ways to distribute, your buyers are now a lot smarter and his/her desire to be gratified instantly.
Be prepared to face these challenges when trying to get your reader's attention.
Here are some approaches that work very well today.
First start by helping them see what you see; if they can't see what you are explaining with the same eyes, they will never believe what you are selling.
Remember that perception is reality and that is true for everyone.
Usually if you put your content within a story, people will tend to see what you are trying to convey with more ease.
Use statements that are personal.
Kind of like what I did in my title with the snake reference.
If someone walked up to you and said there is a snake behind you, you would pay attention.
It is the same principal with your writing.
Make it personal.
Being able to seize your reader's attention in Network Marketing is absolute key here! So to recap; once you have your reader's attention with your title, make sure you don't lose it.
Not enough quality information or too much information and you will lose your reader faster than you can say "arrivederci".
Just remember to have a good title followed by a good sub title, follow by a good first sentence, a good second sentence..
I think you get it now.
Wishing you nothing but success! Sincerely, Ghyslain Lefebvre Internet Marketing Success Coach
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