Tips to Finding Your Work at Home Business

Tips on home business what to look for if you are just starting up Your Work at Home Business.

Tips on what not to do when first starting up.

These tips are mostly for newbies that have never tried internet Marketing,

With the recession in full swing, people being laid of there jobs. What a time for scammers to take advantage of newbies. There will be families riped off big time. What I would really like to do
here is let people know what to do to avoid this rising problem.

When looking around for an internet business check out who you are dealing with. If a persons name keeps popping up time after time with good testimonials chances are you can trust that person.

Here are some of the things I watch for in Scams.

Asking to much information

All site ask you to sign up for their newletter. Most are sent out every week to two weeks. If they ask for more than your name and email address be aware. Name and email address is all they need.

Poorly written offer

There are scammers that are newbies just like you and I. They do not know how to write a good sales letter. Beaware of these types.

The seasoned scammers are hard to detect. They have educated themselves on writing sales copy and sucking honest people in. In other words they are con artist. Best way to keep from falling
for this type is google there name or company.

Work with the super affiliates.

If you are just starting out as a marketer, whether it be Affiliate Marketing or Direct Marketing, find the right person to mentor you.

My two favorite marketers and they give you some of the best training on the internet is Stone Evans and Gery Carson.

Use free advertising

Be very careful about upgrading the free advertising programs you join. Such as traffic exchanges and list builders. Get your feet wet and listen to your mentor and your
upline sponsors.

Work with just one program

Do not start jumping form one program to another. Once you have
picked your niche market stay with it and give it time to grow. This growth is not going to happen overnight. Some could take 3 to 6 months before you show a profit.

I hope this helps all newbies. In summary there are a lot of honest online businessess that are being penalized by the many scams, so make sure you check each business out and do not punish the good ones.

Just make sure not to join everything that comes along. Remember if it looks to good to be true it probably is.

The two people mentioned as mentors can be found by going to.

I am writing this from my own experiences and it is my opinion. Stone Evans is the founder of Plug in Profits and is at the top of the companies that he is affiliate.

Gery Carson is the founder of SFI a company doing business in over 200 countries. SFI can be found to join by clicking the above URL.
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