Why Choose Biomedical Engineering?

The future will call for a greater understanding of the biological systems that make every action we take for granted possible.
The future will call for the use of scientific principles and discoveries with a clear focus on pragmatic applications in the field of health.
The future will demand brilliant, driven, free-thinking individuals to answer this call by solving the world's health issues through the precision and attention to detail that is characteristic of engineers, a demand that clearly makes biomedical engineering the most useful and stable field for a young person to choose as a concentration.
Biomedical engineering encompasses various fields of study, each possessing incredible potential, not only in the distant future, but in the reality of the present.
Tissue engineers are attempting to create synthetic organs so the agonizing wait for transplant procedures becomes a thing of the past.
Prosthetic engineers, spurred on by the large number of wounded veterans returning from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, are furthering the fields of systems biology and neurology by developing prostheses that are comfortable and provide ranges of motion similar to the natural limb.
Clinical engineers working for medical equipment manufacturers are designing and testing new iterations of complex devices in order to make them more accessible to developing nations.
For example, in 22 months, GE engineers on a limited budget created a durable EKG machine weighing 20% as much as it's delicate, hospital-only counterpart, at half the original's cost.
This machine is used in underdeveloped countries to provide essential health services to inhabitants in poverty.
Such triumphs are the products of talented, community-minded engineers.
Biomedical engineering seeks to remedy the global disparity in quality of health.
It is poised to become a field that will have a profound effect upon the future of mankind.
Young people that choose to become the biomedical engineers of the 21st century will bring technological advances to the masses and not only define themselves as a generation, but help the next generation define themselves.
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