How Important Is Being Virtually Social?

Facebook claims to have over 800 million active users and Twitter claims to have 500 million.
The number of active users for social media is growing more and more every day.
If you work in marketing, you have probably already asked yourself, "how important is social media for marketing?" The importance of social media is fast growing, forever evolving and one of the most important portals to a successful brand.
Social media or Web 2.
0 has opened the door for communication between the brand and the consumer.
Gone are the days of a "one way street" marketing campaign where marketers buy space on TV or radio and voice why their brand is the best and urge the consumer to go purchase whatever they may be selling.
Social media works not only when a brand shares content with a consumer, but also when that brand responds to the content consumers share with them.
Allowing the consumer to voice their concerns, issues, or general comments on a media platform, and responding to those comments allows for the brand to show that they do care about the consumer.
Listening to a bad comment, concern or issue can turn a bad customer service situation into a good one resulting in a customer for life.
Studies show that one-fifth of US Internet users would purchase a brand if a friend liked or followed the product on social media.
Think about the most personal relationships in life.
How did someone acquire those friends? Most likely, there was a bond between those people.
They liked the same music, wore the same kind of shoes, laughed at the same jokes.
There was time spent in cultivating that relationship.
Questions are asked and answered.
Trust is built.
Experiences are made and shared.
One person introduced another to another and social circles grew.
Much is the same in social media.
Relationships are built by allowing brands to communicate with consumers through social media.
A consumer wants to feel heard, and significant.
Loyalty in a consumer can make or break a social brand.
Having the consumer relate to the brand's mission, values or personality can engage a customer for life, and help open the door to future loyal consumers, making your brand the life of the party.
Allowing for social branding can open the door to a very successful marketing campaign.
Acknowledging the buyer, giving your brand a life, and allowing for communication between the brand and the buyer can build a relationship that can sustain years to come.
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