7 Essential Tips for Direct Mail Flyers

So you already have the very best flyer design and have chosen the ultimate in distribution methods, direct mailing, but you still find that your flyer advertising campaign is not as effective as it can be. Well this could be for a variety of reasons so before you panic make sure you check out these top 7 essential tips for direct mail flyers to make sure you have complete and effective distribution from start to finish.

  1. Draw up a plan of your local neighborhood ensuring it includes everyone within your delivery area. Make sure you can cover the whole of this neighborhood with your direct mailing distribution. Your flyer advertising strategy will not be as effective as it can be if you miss out houses, streets or whole areas on your distribution list.

  2. Make sure you are aware which houses are family homes and which are flats or student accommodation. This will allow you to leave the correct number of flyers through the door and not miss out on potential customers because there are not enough flyers to share between residents.

  3. Make sure you don’t hold back on flyer printing. Cutting corners with flyer printing will only serve to harm the effectiveness of your advertising design. Creating professional flyer designs and ensuring they are printed to a high standard in full color will make sure you don’t miss out on any of your target audience.

  4. Don’t solely use direct mail for flyer distribution. Using a combination of a variety of different distribution methods will help to make your flyer printing job as effective as possible. Variety is essential to ensuring high success in advertising to gain the maximum possible exposure to your flyers and your business.

  5. Don’t settle for less when it comes to flyer design. Just like you shouldn’t compromise with your flyer printing quality you should also make sure you get the very best out of your flyer design. A poor flyer design can damage your potential business growth and hinder your direct mail distribution. Employing a design company or freelancer to help create your perfect flyer design will ensure you are not missing out or alienating your potential customers. Even though it may cost you a little more up front it will pay you back a thousand times in increased customer sales and customer conversion.

  6. Keep your direct mail distribution regular. People often lose or damage flyers left around for too long. Make sure you keep mailing your flyers on a regular and fairly frequent basis to ensure your potential customers always have your flyer to hand when they need it.

  7. Always remember to order your flyer printing jobs in bulk and well in advance of needing them. This ensures you will always have enough flyers to complete your direct mail distribution and you will never be left hanging or with only half the houses done in your area because of late ordering, delays or simply not having enough flyers. Always make sure you reach 100% of your potential customers.
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