Noble Men And Women In Egypt Thousands Of Years Ago Are Keen To Make

Make-up is essential in today's working women out the door, and even men have joined the ranks

of beauty. But do not think that makeup is only the modern patent, scientists have just

confirmed, thousands of years ago in Egypt, was whether women or men, had already started to


Not long ago, scientists stumbled on a very rare artifacts, scientists call it "vanity kit." And

this box actually contains a razor, and a pot card for traces of eye make-up liquid. Scientists

believe that this should be thousands of years API supplier ago the Egyptians used the product.

Scientists about this product is currently projected for 3500 years ago, when the period should

belong to the Kingdom of Tutankhamun, it is likely to be buried, but now can not display it in

the end products are men's or women supplies. But one thing is certain, biotin the high status of the deceased and the deceased is very keen to make


Scientists found that razor card should belong to the Bronze category with products, and items

used to hold eye makeup should be wood, which is also extracted in the lead sulfide component.

Expert analysis, then Egypt should not have these processes, they most likely come from foreign

imports. Optical part of the make-up material, should have medicinal effects, glasses from

composition analysis will give protection against the sun's radiation.

These relics are now a company from the UK show and sell, the price of these cosmetics should be

around 10,000. Rupert is responsible for heritage conservation, said: "They are Egypt's New

Kingdom 18th Dynasty product should be 1540 BC - 1295 BC between the Tutankhamun certainly has a

relationship with these items not only for make-up, also help to health when that era, astaxanthin is now a luxury import, before the user can see the status of

high, but we can not determine a man or woman, you know that the Egyptian men make-up should

also be the normal. " Source:
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