Getting Started With Search Engine Optimisation

Optimising your website in order to give it good visibility in search engines has become more essential than ever.
This article looks at the various methods which can be used to optimise a website so it can achieve the best possible page rank and attract visitors.
A great deal of time needs to be invested in optimising a website and marketing it to achieve a top ten page rank.
This article outlines the main areas to focus on.
Onpage Optimisation Ensuring your website is designed in a way which can be read by both users and search engines is a good place to start when promoting your website.
Keywords should be strategically placed within the page title, main body of text and also as alt text for images.
It is important to include text on every page as search engines cannot read images.
Page content should be unique and of use to visitors.
Back link Creation Back links are the single most important criteria that search engines use to determine your position in the search results.
They regard links as votes of popularity and also gauge the subject of your website by the keywords used in anchor text links.
The process of creating back links can be done by a single person, and is not overly technical but can be time consuming.
Links to your site from directories are also beneficial, however, directory submission can be tricky these days.
The top search engines are much more wary of fake directories and link hubs so in order for your links to be of any worth they need to come from respectable websites.
Social Media Networking Many people find new businesses through their social media networks.
A regularly updated business profile on a social network can gain many additional prospects which the company would not otherwise achieve.
It can open a business up to new markets and clientele.
Having a presence on social networks can help a company build trust and loyalty with their followers, increasing the likelihood of followers going on to place orders.
Businesses must also consider these sites as an essential means of networking.
The right word from the right blogger or reviewer on a social media site can send more business your way than you ever could talking yourself up.
Blog and Article Management Blogs and articles provide a means of sharing your expertise and generating interest in your products or industry.
They also provide a means of submitting links to your website which will not only benefit your website in terms of page rank but also drive targeted traffic to it which could result in sales.
It has become increasingly difficult to feature on the first page of search results.
As well as there being ever more competition, the search engines continue to create sophisticated algorithms to improve the accuracy and integrity of their search results.
This has forced website owners to improve their websites in order that they fulfil the search engine criteria.
The overall process of search engine optimisation and online marketing is time consuming and requires a degree of strategy in order for your website to reap the full effects.
With dedication any individual could achieve good results but if you do not have the time or inclination then seek the services of a online marketer or SEO company.
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