Advertising Your Services on Craigslist - Words and Phrases to Avoid

Do you want to make some extra money on Craigslist? If so, you can make money by offering your services for pay.
Whether you are a freelance writer, graphic designer, landscaper, construction worker, or babysitter, Craigslist gives you many ways to make money.
But what phrases should you avoid when using Craigslist to advertise your services? Avoid: I am a hard worker.
Listen, if you are trying to advertise your services for pay on Craigslist, you better be a hard worker.
If someone pays you to do a job, they expect you do the job.
Hard work isn't a skill, it is a given.
Avoid: I am a really hard worker.
Not only should you avoid claiming you are a hard worker, but never use the word "really.
" It just sounds stupid.
Moreover, everyone may think you are a teenager with 0 years of experience in construction, when you really have 25 years behind you.
Using the phrase really to describe your working skills is really unprofessional.
Avoid: Cheap worked offered.
Cheap is another word that is unprofessional when offering your services for pay on Craigslist, but you also set a trap for yourself.
We all have different views of cheap.
So, someone could expect to pay $5,000 for a new porch, but you intend to only charge $3,000.
Guess what, unless you say so some jerk is going to haggle with you for only $500.
Avoid: XXXX is a hobby of mine.
Say you are offering your computer repairs services on Craigslist.
Great! You got started with computer repair because it was a hobby of yours, but keep it a hidden secret.
When paying for a service, no one wants a hobbyist (despite the fact they may do a good job); they want a professional.
Avoid: Email me for samples of my work, a list of my experiences, and so forth.
No one wants to take the extra few minutes to email your butt.
Get with the program; stop being lazy.
If you are a freelance writer or graphic designer selling your services on Craigslist, post samples of your work or provide links.
If you are a construction worker or landscape artist, post a few pictures.
If you are a babysitter, outline a few of the training courses you took.
It doesn't take long.
By avoiding some of the phrases above, you should increase your chances of landing a paid gig on Craigslist.
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