You"ve Decided - You Are Starting an Internet Marketing/MLM Business - Now What Do You Do First?

The first and probably the most important thing you can do is to really define just WHY you think Internet, Network Marketing or the MLM business is the right avenue for you at this time.
You want to be completely frank and honest with yourself as to what you expect from this endeavor and the time frame you feel is right for you to achieve those goals.
You might be working for a boss who you feel has no interest or plan for you on where you can go in your present position.
If you travel in your current position are you beginning to feel that all those nights away from home are really keeping you from enjoying your family and being able to attend activities your children are participating in.
Many people are feeling that no matter how much extra time they invest in their current position, there doesn't seem to be any correlation to raises or extra pay.
Your children might be nearing college age and in the current economic situation, you are concerned where all the extra money is coming from for college tuition.
Many retirement accounts have been hit hard by the recent economic downturn and people need to putting away extra funds right now to make up for the loss if they still think there is a possibility of retiring as originally planned.
Take the time now while you are contemplating your next move to write down your specific reason or reasons why you think internet marketing or multi level marketing (mlm) is the right move for you now.
Clearly state where you hope to be financially in 3 years and 5 years.
This thought process provides a very important foundation to build on going forward and could make the difference when things just don't seem to be going the right way.
Once you have clearly established WHY you want to enter the home based business arena, carefully evaluate your current activity and see if your schedule has room for 10 to 15 hours a week you can dedicate specifically to business activity.
It will be imperative that you are able to invest that amount of time week after week to achieve any level of success at all.
You should also consider the funds necessary to start up a business in this market segment and make sure those funds are available to you.
You should expect expenses for business cards, brochures, extra phone line, product samples, etc which could range anywhere from $300 to over $1500.
There are programs that can be very helpful in defining and managing the business budget, you can come up with many suggestions by just doing an internet search on the topic.
Think carefully about the type of business you want to develop, what feels good to you? Some people suggest there is a small business model which would basically be direct retailing of a product and a big-business model which develops and supports a group of people retailing the product and recruiting others to do the same.
Randy Gage, a very successful 20-plus year MLM veteran says; "There's nothing wrong with retailing our products, but working in that kind of retail mode only, is a small-business model".
Working a small-business model is never going to yield big-business benefits.
Randy goes on to say, "We have far too many people in this business who don't understand the distinction between the small-business model and the big-business model.
When these people recruit with big-business benefits but deliver small-business tactics, we get a lot of struggling people out there".
Developing a business plan and determining what the product you will be marketing are very important to getting started right and deserve their own articles which will come later.
Taking the time now to carefully define your WHY and writing it down will be quite helpful in keeping you focused as you begin to develop your business.
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