How to Fix a EGR Valve for a Ford Focus

    • 1). Park your car in a safe place, start and warm the engine to operating temperature, then turn off the engine.

    • 2). Open the hood and remove the air cleaner assembly to reach the EGR valve. Start the engine again. Be careful when proceeding with these tests, as engine components may be hot.

    • 3). From the engine compartment, pull the accelerator linkage and briefly rev up the engine to 2000 or 3000 rpm. Watch the EGR valve diaphragm stem and make sure it moves as you operate the accelerator. Turn off the engine. If the valve stem does not move, go to step 5.

    • 4). Disconnect the vacuum line from the top of the EGR valve and block the line using a Phillips screwdriver. Connect a hand vacuum pump to the top of the valve and start the engine. As you apply the vacuum to the valve with the hand pump, the engine should miss or stall. This means the valve is operating properly. Turn off the engine.

    • 5). Remove the air cleaner assembly. Disconnect the tube from the bottom of the EGR valve using a wrench, then remove the two valve mounting bolts using a wrench or ratchet and socket. Discard the valve gasket and clean the mating surfaces with a wire brush and plastic scraper.

    • 6). Clean carbon deposits from inside the valve and valve passage on the engine mounting base using a scratch owl and wire brush. Don't score or damage the mating surfaces.

    • 7). Install the EGR valve using a new gasket. Connect the pipe fitting and mounting bolts by hand first; then tighten and secure the valve to the engine with a wrench or ratchet. Repeat step 3 and make sure the valve stem moves; if not, replace the valve. Repeat step 4. If there is no change in engine operation as you apply vacuum to the valve, replace the valve.

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