Fluctuation of Oil Painting Business

Oil painting purchase in a family can always be postponed. It is not a necessity. Or if you have an old one, it always can be replaced when income is greatly improved. Although the market report attempts to persuade all Americans that the economy has recovered but as a merchant I know it is not. As a merchant of medical supplies, she may not be so sensitive to the market fluctuation as the price is inelastic relatively, however for oil paintings, as a quasi luxury product, its pricing is very elastic. I once talked to an owner of an arts store in Miami. He told me the situation before and after 2008 is from sky to ground. When the credit policy was loose, people were willing to spend but when the prospect is not good now, pockets are tightened.

Yesterday an employee in our company asked for resignation as her sales keep low. I understand a sales rep's mood when the profit from her part of business is not able to soar. the success of a sales rep of export is a combination of many factors. In China, it is about foreign policy, about currency exchange, about financial policy between China and the rest of world. A small business will reflect the whole picture of world economy. Foreign export was flourishing when back to 10 years ago when China's top leaders were focusing on open policy and sought foreign currency reserve, through which it tried to build its strong castle of financial system. The depreciation of USD and financial crisis destroyed the whole strategy of China's foreign policy and its naive dream of relying on export to gain leadership in the world. It then embarked on the road of internationalizing the currency of RMB by swapping currencies with many national banks in the world. Up to date, RMB is the No. 2 currency surpassing Euro and right behind USD in the world in terms of international trade currency adoption, foreign currency reserve and circulation in financial system worldwide, although total share of RMB circulation is only some 8% of the total.

Back to my small business. The holistic scenario of economy and business in the world can affect a small business like mine. New employees like a new sales rep is not able to find right direction immediately. While it is the responsibility of leaders to find new direction for a business, an employee, however, has to take on new challenge all the time. No job post is stable and immune to challenge. Sometimes it is the slack of business executive not to set target for employee and change direction in time according to the general business environment changes. In general, employees will tend to be passive in recognizing such changes. Employees are more inclined to work in a non-changing environment, especially to many female employees in large corporations. The labor division blinds employees to understand the erratic environment outside of the corporation. The routine work is almost waterproofed like an ivory tower. My wife used to work for a state-owned company and she seldom has the urge to change herself due to sense of safety. I started my small business around one decade ago and I knew from the beginning that the only way to survive is to keep advancing. My butt always feels edgy and I have never had the leisure time as those working class has. While, on the other hand, I do enjoy great flexibity of my job as a small business owner since I started my business of Oil Painting Reproductions and Photo into Painting after I quit my job in government. I rest when I am tired and work when I have energy. I take my son to doctor's office without asking for leave from the superior.
I don't want to judge which is good and which is bad. The world may be separated into many groups of people. Different people may have different vocation and wear different hats. I don't have the conclusion at least now. What is your opinion? Share with me by posting here.
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