How to Check Your Engine Belts

    • 1). Open the hood of your vehicle.

    • 2). Look for the rubber belt that runs over the pulleys at the front of the engine.

    • 3). Examine all belts with a flashlight for any fraying or splitting. If the entire belt cannot be seen from the top of the engine; make a small paint mark on top of the belt and quickly crank the ignition to turn the belt. Mark each section as you check so you know when you've checked the entire belt.

    • 4). Grab the belt at a free point in between pulleys. Flip that section over with your hand so that the grooves on the serpentine belt or the V-belt side are showing. Shine the flashlight on the the belts and look for any cracks or missing grooves in the belt.

    • 5). Check the underside of each belt for glazing. When a belt is glazed, it will have a shine to it when you point the flashlight at it.

    • 6). Replace any belt that is frayed, split, cracked, glazed or has missing grooves.

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