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Problems With the iHome iH41BR

There are a number of accessories available for iPods and iPhones. Some of these accessories are designed to protect the product, such as special cases. Some of these accessories connect iPods and iPhones to other electronic devices for the purposes of file sharing. Others enhance the original produ

Adding Your Own Music to Your iPad

Adding your own music to your iPad allows you to listen to your music on the go by using the device's music player. After purchasing an iPad, users must first download and install the iTunes application from Apple to set up their new device. However, iTunes also serves other purposes, such as, for e

The Best Free Applications for Your Wireless Phone

Deciding which free applications for your wireless phone are best is a matter of opinion, but some applications stand out because they have been downloaded millions of times. Applications like Angry Birds sold more than 1 million copies in 2010, but selecting the best applications for your wireless

How to Upload Apps to an iPhone

One of the benefits of owning an Apple iPhone is the huge range of free and paid applications that you can access from the Apple iTunes store. Third-party software applications -- usually known as "apps" -- use the iPhone's technology to provide entertaining, informative and useful services to iPhon

Does iTunes Sort Music by Song Title?

ITunes is an application from Apple used to organize your music collection, ideally for upload and transfer onto an iPod or iPhone device. Within iTunes, you label songs using their titles, the artists who perform them and the album from which they come, among other details. It's possible to sort mu

How to Tell if My BlackBerry Tour Is Charging

If you notice the battery on your BlackBerry Tour is getting low, you can charge it by plugging it into a computer, a wall A/C adapter or a car adapter. Double-checking your phone after connecting it to the charger will ensure a charged phone when you are ready to use it next.

Waterfield Designs iPad Smart Case Review

WaterField Designs makes high-end, high-style cases for many products, now including the iPad. The iPad Smart Case includes the company's attention to style and quality, but also suffers from some limitations and a high price.

How do I Detect an iPod in WMP MGTech?

MGTech is a software plug-in for Windows Media Player (WMP) that allows you to sync your iPod to the Window Media Player software. It features the ability to sync MP3 and MPEG-4 videos, as well as supports MP3 tags like title, album name and genre. It allow gives support for playlists and album artw

How to Set Up Roadrunner Email on an iPhone using Outlook Express

Receiving email on the go is a benefit of using a smart phone like the iPhone. A Roadrunner email account can be set up on the iPhone utilizing your mail settings. You can find your Roadrunner settings in Outlook Express and add them on your iPhone in a few minutes.

How do I Pair BT620s With an iPhone 3G?

The Jabra BT620 is a Bluetooth wireless stereo headset you can use with your iPhone 3G mobile phone. The BT620 features two speakers and allows you to listen to your iPhone's music and make and receive hands-free telephone calls. The headset's extended battery life allows for up to 16 hours of talk

How to Unlock My iPhone 3GS 4.1 5.14.0

If you have recently purchased an iPhone 3GS and are not an AT&T or Verizon Wireless customer, don't panic. You can still use your device with your current carrier. However, in order to do this, you must first unlock it. Unlocking an iPhone requires a few necessary preliminary preparatory steps, but

How to Use the Boss Tool for an iPhone

Boss Tool is an application created for the iPhone which allows users to move wallpaper, ringtones and applications from one folder to another. The iPhone allocates disc space between folders. The root has limited disc space, as does the var folder. However, most of the applications and ringtones th

How to Put Recovery Mode on a 3G iPhone

Recovery Mode allows your iPhone 3G to upgrade and restore the iOS operating system. Your iPhone will automatically enter Recovery Mode when performing an update. You may want to manually place your iPhone into Recovery Mode if your iPhone loses functionality and you cannot restore it through a rese

How to Play iPod Movies on a TV iPhone

The iPod has come a long way since it first hit the market in 2001--what started as a portable music player has now evolved into a portable video player. Most iPod models, including the iPhone, have the ability to play video. Apple has upped the ante even further, however, by allowing you to hook yo

How to Correct Issues With My Sirius Studio and S50

The Sirius S50 is a portable media player that plays back not only uploaded MP3 audio files but also plays Sirius XM satellite radio stations on the go. If you are having trouble using the Sirius S50 with the My Sirius Studio software, you will need to troubleshoot the products in order to determine

How to Sync an iPod Touch With Microsoft Outlook

Although the iPod Touch cannot place calls like the iPhone, it does contain a Contacts application that holds all of your contacts from various email clients, including Microsoft Outlook 2007. In order to access your contacts on your iPod Touch you'll need to sync your Outlook 2007 program with the