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Crafts for Old Ladies Hankies

Edged with lace or a bright colored satin-stitch, hankies like grandma had in her purse are very pretty. The vintage "old ladies hankie" is made with plain cloth that has been embroidered or edged with a matching colored lace. Others have a delicate print with color-coordinated edging while a third

How to Make Rhinestone Letters

Rhinestones are small acrylic, glass or lead crystals which have been cut to resemble jewels. Types of rhinestones include Swarovski and Preciosa Machine Cut, both of which have individually cut and polished facets, as well as acrylic or plastic rhinestones made from molds. Rhinestones are available

How to Braid a Spanish Ring Knot

A Spanish ring knot is a very popular decorative braid that is often used for creating bracelets, key fobs and decorative cushion tassels. To create an even-looking braid, it is best to weave it around a pole or something cylindrical. The Spanish ring knot can actually work as preparation for other

How to Make a Bunny Out of Towels

"Towel origami" is the art of folding towels into interesting shapes. Towel origami is often seen at resort hotels and on cruise ships. Many towel origami shapes are twisted and folded into animal shapes. Towel bunnies are one towel origami design that is easy to make. There are two ways to make tow

How to Make a Soap Box

At one point in time everything we consumed came in ornate, individually made containers. Soap was no different. Vintage soap boxes are still a collectible item sold by collectors to other collectors and online. All sorts of different types of soap came in these boxes, not just bath soaps. Just type

Tulle Arch Instructions

A tulle arch can be used at weddings, proms, birthdays, bat mitzvahs and other formal events. A tulle arch is the perfect backdrop for a wedding ceremony or a staged location for formal pictures. Tulle is inexpensive and holds its shape well, which makes it the ideal material for decorating arches.

How to Duplicate Items on Morrowind for Xbox

Morrowind is a fantasy role-playing game for the Xbox and PC. In this game, you work your way through an epic storyline while you develop your character's strengths and abilities. You will need to equip your character with items such as powerful weapons and armor to be able to delve deeper into the

Teds Woodworking Review - Teds Woodworking Plans

Teds Woodworking review is a good source where you could have an overview of the bonuses you could access with this premium woodworking website. There are other helpful contents in this package including the CAD ...

Jungle Themed Arts & Craft Ideas

The jungle is a place of shaded forests, wild animals and brightly colored vegetation, and it is the perfect topic to spur your child's imagination. Even if your child has never been to a jungle, it can still fascinate him, causing him to think about worlds that are different from the ones he knows.

Daddy's Daughter Tattoo Ideas

The permanence of a tattoo is modern way of portraying other permanent staples in your life, such as a daughter's love for her father. As with all tattoos, much consideration and research should go into the development as well as the location of your body that is to be inked. First tattoo should g

Fall Handprint Activities for Kindergarten

Handprint activities are versatile in the kindergarten classroom. Children can trace and cut out their hands and use them in a variety of activities to mark the fall season. Help students decorate the fingers as feathers, wings or branches.

How to Make a Cool Valentine's Day Card

Homemade Valentine's Day cards are a popular way to show your friends and family how much you care for and appreciate them. This Valentine's Day, create scratch-off heart cards that reveal secret messages. Simply say "I love you" or "You're a Great Friend" or use the hidden message to reveal a large

Video: How to Remove Pumpkin Seeds & Pumpkin Guts

Video Transcript I'm going to show you how to creatively carve a pumpkin. Okay, at this point our pumpkin should be completely hollow. There's nothing left inside there. Now a lot of times when you're doing a traditional jack-o-lantern pumpkin, you toss out the guts. Let's not do that...

How to Do Snip & Weave T-shirt Sleeves

Craft challenge contests often include cutting up a simple cotton T-shirt. Without sewing, glue or tape, you can change a T-shirt to look like a tan ktop with a woven backless design. Every part of the T-shirt can change to create multiple looks, including the sleeves. As you cut and weave your slee

Balloon String Crafts

Balloon string is used for more than just keeping your helium-inflated orbs firmly closed and secured. The ubiquitous cotton string is an ideal addition to your craft box because of its versatility and low cost. Though the simple white string might seem like a purely functional crafting material, se

Vehicle Graphics Use To Promote Business

In the event that you are considering what makes vehicle representation this exceptional path to promote then only consider what amount of time you use on the way. Picture: each time that you are driving around in your vehicle you are likely getting new clients.

How Should I Quilt a Pinwheel Quilt?

While most handmade quilts are held together with quilting stitches, there is an enormous number of ways in which to do this. The choice of quilting pattern can be based on the quilt top design, the proposed use for the quilt and even the experience of the quilter. Pinwheel quilts can be elaborate o

How to Paint on Porcelain Dishes

Creating a one-of-a-kind hand painted, porcelain gift happens easily with the right tools. Modern techniques include the use of porcelain marking pens in bold colors that flow like paint, without the cleanup and mess of brushes and paint pots. Products are heat set to allow for washing and handling

Shield Craft Ideas

Spend craft time creating colorful shields that represent family pride and allow for active outdoor play. Make a shield and play Roman Gladiators, hold a church play and learn about Bible stories and people or simply stay inside on a rainy day and entertain siblings. A family coat of arms bearing yo

Which Needles to Use for Machine Embroidery

When you are new to embroidery machine work, it is easy to forget to change your needle with your thread, and then problems arise. It is important to match your needle to your thread type because not all embroidery thread has the same thickness, and a standard machine needle may not fit since machin