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Why You Are Jobless?

How to stand out from other job applicants? Why cover letter is important? What interviewer look for in resume?

How to Motivate Behavior Through an Incentive Program

Whether you are trying to motivate a child to perform better in school and around the home, or to inspire the workers underneath you at your company, an incentives program provides positive reinforcement for hard work. By clearly outlining what your expectations are, and the incentives available for

10 Places To Find Great Candidates

If you have a sudden vacancy, where should you go to find great candidates to fill the role? Here are 10 creative places to help you find your next great employee.

How To Help Your Boss Become A Better Communicator

Does your boss have the communications skills of a pre-schooler? Does he often say the wrongs things, or the right things poorly? Does he sometimes create more confusion or antagonism than if he had said nothing at all? Is he willing to listen and take constructive criticism?

Kozier's Idea of Nursing Fundamentals

One of the categories within the vast selection of nursing textbooks is nursing fundamentals, and authors have differing opinions on what is fundamental to the field of nursing. You don't need to look any further than the list of chapters in Kozier and Erb's "Fundamentals of Nursing: Concepts, Proce

Online Earning = Online Career

How to make online earning is not a new thing for Internet users today. Along with the increase of internet users across the globe, a lot of people become rich by making online earning by online busin

How to Perform an Employee Background Check for a Small Business

If you own a small business, chances are you realize it is important to run an employee background check on each of the employees that you hire. You should also be looking for ways to preform employee background checks without spending a ton of money. Follow the steps in this article in order to r

Experience Hear-See-Do

Research indicates that we retain only 10% of what we hear; 20% of what we see; 65% of what we hear and see; but 90% of what we hear, see, and do.Every day at work we demonstrate Hear-See-Do when we use a combination of our knowledge, wisdom and skill to perform a task or plan what we will do at a l

Online Resume - A Resume For the Virtual World

On the web your resume acts as a complete representation of you. So work-at-home jobs need resumes that are different. They must not contain excessive personal information.

Pre-employment drug testing

Human Resources and Safety professionals regard pre-employment drug testing as a critical safety issue in the workplace with most of the Fortune 500 companies doing it. The use of drugs is pervasive i

Safety Training & Recording

According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, employers must provide a safe and hazard-free work environment for employees. Providing safety training is an effective way to ensure the workforce is aware of hazards in their workplace and understands how they can avoid accidents

Organizations & People - The Strategist

A series of articles that explore the various types of people that organizations need to grow and prosper. These articles are written in order to help candidates understand them selves better and use appropriate buzz words in their resume that will more accurately reflect their personality and skill

Maintenance Computer Training

Maintenance computer training provides an organization or an individual with the expertise to maintain the smooth operation of computers and computer systems. Organizations without access to people in maintenance computer training may face process and production issues as well as frustration due to

NEC Codes -- YN-2514 Flag Officer Writer

Navy Enlisted Classification codes identify a non-rating wide skill, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification that must be documented to identify both people and billets for management purposes. Here is the information for Navy NEC YN-2514 Flag Officer Writer

Job Description for a Food & Beverage Manager

A food and beverage manager oversees the day-to-day operation of a restaurant or other dining facility. He handles a number of administrative functions, from ordering food from wholesalers to training employees. Good managerial and communication skills, however, only form part of the picture for a b