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Credit Clean Up For One Please - Why You Must Do Credit Repair After Divorce

A credit clean up is one of the most important things to do after getting divorced. You must work to repair credit damage done during your marriage as well as protect yourself from further damage that may occur after. Follow these steps to make sure you are protected and portrayed in the best way po

Credit - Collections and Civil Actions - Part 2

Judgment holders will never collect unless you have something that they can take, such as real estate, an auto, a bank account, or wages. Using a judgment, liens are placed on property, while levies are used to tap bank accounts and garnish wages.

Top Cash Back Ways to Get 5% Plus

So you want to get cash back on your purchases? That's great, and I wanted to show you how you can get 5% cash back and more on just about all of your purchases that you make. All it's going to take is a little discipline, and a habit of using a "card".

Get Your Free Credit Report - Advice, Tips and Information

Free credit report is really free to get. However, there are some sites that misuse the law and get the benefit of the ignorance of the users. When selecting the right website, the users can avoid any contradiction.

Repairing Your Damaged Credit

When it comes to your credit score, unfortunately, a lot of people feel that if their credit is ruined, then it is ruined for good. This is not so. Even if your credit rating is below the basement (750 is excellent, 650 stinks, below 600 means you're pretty much screwed), you can still come bac

Credit and Cash Back

When you think of a credit card, you most likely think of a piece of plastic that sits in your wallet, and you pull it out every time you want to make a purchase. Well, it seems like most of America today doesn't know much about cards and cash back, and how much it can benefit you and your spen

Securing Business Credit Cards Without Personal Guarantee

The biggest problem for budding entrepreneurs and small business owners is to secure a credit for their business. The most obvious route they take is to mingle their personal credit with business loan, a faux pas in totality.

How to Look at Credit Cards

Credit cards today have many different views by consumers. It really comes down to how much understanding and control the consumer has on credit cards and the strength to control spending. The main selling point behind the entire credit card game is that with credit it allows you to finance purchase

Can An Individual Be Detained For Default On Pay Day Loans?

There are tons of queries that might float to your mind if you unexpectedly realize that you cannot pay back your payday advance.One of the most common questions that is apt to arise is the query of could you be jailed for default on payday advances.

Cash Advance Business Credit Cards - Perhaps Not the Best Business Move

Cash advance business credit cards are one of the strategies of the issuers to gain more customers and businessmen. These types of cash advances are among one of the worst types of transactions you can make. Aside from the fact that they are expensive, it can lead you to credit card debt. Most likel

You Should Aim For A Good Credit Score Number

Your credit score impacts the interest rate you pay on your borrowing but that is not the only area of your life it affects. Your chance of being offered a job and your insurance premiums could also be adversely affected if you have a poor credit rating.

Are Prepaid Credit Cards the Right Solution For Your Children?

Prepaid credit cards for children are an excellent way of limiting the unnecessary and disproportionate daily expenditure of your kids. They would like to expend time more often with their friends instead of their parents. Offering your kids a prepaid card, you permit them some expense liberty, alth

Credit Cards - How to Get Your Credit Card Application Approved

If you happen to be concerned about carrying your money on you and you think that there should be a better way to shop then you need to consider making full use of the new 'plastic money' - credit cards. With a fast growing economy that is also experiencing rapid growth many more people te

What Is Credit Card Help

You know you're in trouble if you can't make your minimum payments on your credit cards and you know, you need help. So what does credit card help really mean? Does it mean that you'll be pardoned? Absolutely not. But it's also not as drastic as going bankrupt.