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Was Your Photographer Hiding During the Wedding?

Attending a wedding is so much fun. It is a celebratory, fun and enjoyment where the accent is on sheer happiness at the coming together for the life of two loving souls. Of course there ...

How to Make a Dot Portrait

The technique of creating an image with dots is called pointillism. It is a process that takes plenty of time and patience, as will be obvious if you rush through it. Without precise mark making, your dots will appear to have tails. To create a seamless look across your drawing, you will want to mak

How to Make a Fractal

A fractal is a drawing based on the geometric model of a set of mathematical calculations. Self-similarity is the main characteristic of the figures that create a fractal. They are both regular and erratic and, like all art, may be simple or complex. Formulas used to create fractals are most readily

How to Create Icicles With a Water Sprinkler

There's nothing quite like the majestic look of sun shining through icicles. Icicles are formed when water drips from tree limbs, houses, cars or other objects. As more droplets of water or melted snow run down the icicle, it becomes larger and longer. You can easily create this icicle effect on a t

How to Draw Flowers for Beginners

Whether you're looking at a tulip, rose or lily, learning how to draw flowers takes patience and practice. The natural instinct for most novice artists is to begin drawing a flower from the inside out, since the eye is attracted to the center of the flower first. This approach should be avoided, how

Easy Ways to Draw a Horse

Aside from humans, the next most popular item people seem to like drawing is animals. One type of animal in particular that has a large fan base and is often part of various stories, is the horse. At first, horses may look like fairly complex animals to draw. However, to simplify the drawing proces

How to Use Conte Sticks

Conte crayons, according to Britannica, are graphite and clay drawing utensils with a low oil content. They most often come in earth tones such as reds, browns and grays. However, modern styles of Conte crayons also come in a rainbow of blues, greens, purples and pinks. This wide array of color and

How to Sketch Frogs

Frogs make interesting art subjects because of their wide-eyed expressions and sophisticated anatomy. Unfortunately,they can be a challenge to sketch for the very same reasons. Whether you want to draw frogs as cute, curious creatures or illustrate them from the viewpoint of a natural scientist, a d

How to Repaint Refrigerator Handles

An old, dingy refrigerator is not an appetizing sight and could turn away even the hungriest would-be chef. The door to your fridge is opened and closed dozens of times each day and its handle can show wear sooner than the rest of the appliance. You can spruce up your refrigerator with some preparat


Painting is a very attractive pastime -- even employment. It is quite satisfying and gives enormous pleasure. Even the initial attraction can be very great, so great that we give in to the temptation to ...

How to Remove a Heavy Layer of Paint

Removing paint can typically be accomplished with a number of common methods, but a heavy layer of paint requires the appropriate solvent. The proper materials for removing a thick coat will be determined by the type of paint and the surface on which it has been applied. Latex paint is water-soluble

Art Project Ideas for "The Tortilla Curtain"

Create meaningful art projects based on the novel "The Tortilla Curtain." The book, written by T.C. Boyle, was published in 1995. The title of the book comes from a common phrase for the Mexican border, the tortilla curtain, according to the Swiss Education Team website. Art students can use symboli

How to Draw Real Faces of Boys

Many artists find the appeal of a fresh faced boy with Tom Sawyer freckles difficult to resist. If you count yourself among these artists, then learning to draw the faces of real boys will help you bring the face of your favorite young man to life. Use methodical steps to capture the visage of the y

How to Thin Melamine Paint for a Spray Gun

Melamine paint is essentially liquid plastic. It is thicker than normal paint, and you'll need to thin melamine before you use it in a spray gun. Fortunately, the process isn't too complex, and even a first-time DIY painter can thin melamine. For best results, you need to accurately measure your mix

How To Face Paint In 20 Minutes?

Face painting is a very famous activity and it definitely gets the attention of old and young people equally. At most of the public events such as fairs or even at public places such as ...

Tips on Painting OSB

Oriented Strand Board (OSB) can prove difficult to paint because the surface of the board is not meant for painting. To get paint to adhere to an OSB surface, you must prepare it adequately and use the correct types of primer and paint to ensure proper adhesion.

How to Use an HPLV Paint Gun

Painting can be done by hand or by using a power paint gun. Once type of power paint gun that you can use is a High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) paint gun. A HLVP paint gun uses compressed air to force the paint out of the gun when applying paint to a surface. These types of paint gun are available fr