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Multifunction Printer Advantages

A multifunction printer is a machine that can perform many actions - scanning, printing, copying and fax. This not only saves space but also time. Some of these printers are very quick, easy to understand and handle and will do your work in minutes.

How to Identify an ASUS G1 Motherboard

The Asus G1 laptop is designed for hardcore gamers on the go. Many of the internal components are the same in every G1, like the video card and the dual-core processor. There are several different motherboards that are used to connect the components though. If you want to update your BIOS (Basic Inp

Alienware Refurbished Laptop - 10 Things To Check Out

It's a dream of every gamer or enthusiast to own an Alienware Laptop. This premium brand doesn't come cheap but Alienware refurbished laptop is the solution for all those gamers and enthusiasts who have always dreamt of having this high end gaming laptop machine.

PC Locks For Deterring The Casual PC Thieves

If you are a serious electronics buff, chances are good that the PC or PCs you own will be quite expensive pieces of gadgets. But is/are your systems PC locks protected?

How to Buy a Cheap Used Laptop Online

A laptop can be a wise investment, but sometimes you just don't have enough money to be able to purchase a brand-new, state-of-the-art laptop. If this is the case for you, buying a cheap used laptop online may be a good alternative. Although many people are reluctant or even afraid of purchasing a b

How to Upgrade Your ThinkPad 600 Processor

Upgrading your laptop's processor is one way to significantly boost your laptop's performance. In fact, replacing the CPU in your ThinkPad laptop will have the most significant effect on your laptop's speed. The bad news is--just like any laptop--you must dismantle your laptop to gain access to the

Right-Click Response Problems on a USB Mouse for a Laptop

The most common cause of right-click problems on a USB mouse is dirt buildup. Other causes include programs that install additional shell extensions, which affects the right-click menu options. The first thing you should do when diagnosing this type of problem is swap the old mouse with a new one. T

How to Back Up Windows Mail

Windows Mail is a convenient and easy-to-use email client designed by Microsoft. The second generation of the Outlook Express email client, according to Microsoft, "(Windows) Mail combines the ease of use of Outlook Express, with the speed of Windows Live." With Windows Mail, users have the ability

How to Bypass LightSpeed on the iPod Touch

Lightspeed is a security application that businesses, schools and even parents use to prevent access to specific websites. To bypass these systems, you must use a Virtual Private Network -- or VPN -- or a proxy to circumvent security. However, bypassing the system doesn't mean you can access illegal

My MacBook Runs Loud

Your MacBook has an internal fan that cools the computer by forcing cool air through the intake vent and hot air out of the exhaust. In most cases, the fan operates at a low noise level and does not disturb the user. If the cooling fan in your MacBook Pro is consistently loud, it indicates a problem

The Kindle Vs. the iPad e-Reader

While paper books are still king according to the Association of American publishers, more and more reading enthusiasts are making the switch to e-readers. E-readers offer the benefit of a lightweight, compact solution to traditional books. Three devices reign supreme among e-readers: the Nook, the

CD Title Printers

Whether you are a business owner looking to organize your electronic files or just an avid CD or DVD fan looking for ways to tidy up your collection, a CD title printer should be on top of your ?to-buy? list. CD title printers are perfect tools for both small business and home users who need special

How to Repair an AC Power Jack on a Laptop

Laptop computers receive power from the battery pack and through the AC/DC adapter that plugs into the computer and connects to a metal electricity conductor inside the computer. The power cord acts as a conduit for electricity from a power source, such as your wall outlet. The metal piece is the AC

How to Configure Netgear Wireless Router

Netgear wireless router has been one of the most popular wireless networking devices that allows users to interconnect laptops, PC, peripheral devices, and non-PC devices etc. Here you can share media files or documents, browse ...