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Nail Fin Installation for Vinyl Windows in New Construction

Vinyl windows are durable, attractive and energy-efficient. On new construction, vinyl windows are inserted into a prepared opening and fastened with galvanized nails. The nails are driven through slots in the nail fin. The nail fin is the lip of the window that lies over the edges of the window ope

How to Update the Windows Driver Database

The Microsoft driver database on your computer houses all of the drivers that your system uses. Drivers are used to control the information going from a peripheral to and from the computer's motherboard. When you have a driver on your system that is out of data or isn't working properly, your hardwa

How to Reinstall IIS in Windows XP

The Windows XP operating system allows you to run the Internet Information Services (IIS) application. You can use IIS to place your personal website, or a website for your business, on the Internet. If you have removed IIS from your computer, you can reinstall IIS in Windows XP using the administra

How to Copy Files to DVD Using Windows XP

Forget using CD-ROMs for data storage, and copy your Windows XP files to a DVD instead. Transfer homemade movies from your Windows XP computer to a DVD for viewing on your television, or use these larger-capacity disks for more data storage than possible with CD-ROMs.

How to Stop XP From Booting to Repair a Installation

A number of errors may occur while attempting to install the Windows XP operating system onto a new computer or upgrading/downgrading a computer to Windows XP. If you experience an error during the XP installation process, it is wise to shut down the computer and start up all over again. Windows ope

Turn ScreenTips On or Off in Microsoft Office

ScreenTips pop up when you hover over a tool in some Microsoft Office programs. These provide contextual hints on how you might use that tool. Here's how to turn ScreenTips on or off.

What Happens When Netlogon Service Is Stopped?

Windows allows computers to interact on a network, signing onto a domain to interface for work and other purposes. These computers use the Netlogon service to log into the domain. The service runs, providing security for the link made between the individual computer and the network. It handles permi

How to Customize Folder Icon Properties in Windows Vista Like XP

The Windows operating system uses folders to organize groups of individual files. Folders are differentiated from other files by a graphic icon that resembles a manila file folder. All folders use the same icon, but in Windows XP and Windows Vista you can customize individual folders to use a differ

How to Shut Down Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is an application and utility built into the Windows operating system that is designed to provide detailed information about the contents of your hard drive, such as files, folders and applications. It also lets you modify content, such as moving, deleting, renaming, pasting and mor

How to Recover an Uninstall Program on a Computer

Accidentally uninstalling a software program can be quickly reversed thanks to native features of Windows. The System Restore tool included in your operating system enables you to recover programs after their are accidentally deleted or uninstalled. The utility takes periodic images of your computer

XP Won't Log on

The Windows XP logon screen allows you to select the user account you want to use and enter your password to access Windows components. You can solve simple password problems if you are unable to log on.

How to Reboot Windows CE

Windows CE is a version of the Windows computer operating system that runs on older computers or machines that don't have the extensive system resources of newer computers. Windows CE also runs on a wide variety of devices like smart phones and PDAs. This offers you much of the same functionality yo

How to Remove a Network Printer Port From Windows XP Home

Home networks have become more and more prevalent due to the ease of setting up small-scale routers and broadband Internet. In kind, many printers connect directly to the network, physically or wirelessly, instead of just connecting to one computer by parallel cable or USB cable. Setting up networke

How to Use Windows XP Repair Console

There are many things you can try when your Windows XP installation goes awry. If you cannot access Windows XP at all, you can use the Windows XP recovery system to try to fix your console. The recovery console allows you to use certain commands to check disks and format the hard drive, if necessary

How to Clean Worm_VB

Worm_VB is a computer worm that also goes by the name of IM.Worm.VB and Worm.VB. The computer worm spreads through malicious links attached to Instant Messenger messages. Once a user clicks on the malicious link, the worm enters the computer and immediately begins disabling essential Windows compone

How to Reboot Using the F1 Key

Rebooting a computer clears the memory, frees up stuck resources and makes changes to the registry active. Microsoft Windows lets you create shortcuts on your keyboard. You press a key and an application runs. One shortcut command you can use is the reboot command. This means you press the "F1" key

How to Troubleshoot Synchronizing a PDA

Syncing, or "HotSyncing," your PDA to your computer will allow you to transfer emails, appointments and documents to and from your PDA. For a businessman, this can be an invaluable resource as you will always be able to keep your files and appointments on hand at all times. If you are having difficu