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Criminal Lawyers: How Will They Help You

Whenever you think of law there should be 2 kinds of lawsuits that you're thinking that of and they're civil lawsuits and criminal lawsuits. While civil lawsuits involve 2 private parties, criminal lawsuits involve government ...

Driving Laws and Ethics in the US

Every country has unique laws regarding each and everything. These laws are what keep the system working in a managed manner. In the United States a general set of laws apply to every state; however ...

How to Respond to Mean Lawyer

When dealing with a lawyer involved in a lawsuit or debt collections claim, the situation can be made extra difficult when an attorney is not cooperating or is discourteous when it comes to conversations. Dealing with a mean lawyer can make an already tense situation worse. Handling yourself profess

The General Use Of Public Police Records

America's 19th state, which is Indiana or the Hoosier State, has an estimated populace of 6 million. It's the 38th largest state in the U.S. Notably, its government is almost the same as the federal ...

Citizen's Arrest Act

Depending on circumstances, citizens are allowed to make arrests on fellow citizens without the need of a warrant. Some states only permit this if a felony has been committed, while others allow arrests to be made for lesser crimes. Recently, citizens have tried to make arrests on former members of

How to Report Phone Harassment

Phone harassment is a fairly general term used to describe repeated, unwanted calls that cause grief, distress or invasion of your personal privacy. Abusive or threatening calls are a criminal offense in some states and should be immediately reported to the police. Any one phone call can be consider

Criminal Charges for Child Abuse

Anyone convicted of child abuse will face criminal charges, depending on the severity of the harm done to the child. Child abuse comes in different degrees, and involves more than just physical abuse. Certain private and public workers must report any known child abuse.

Finding The Best Clearwater DUI Attorney

While one is attempting to find a Clearwater DUI Attorney, well then, you're going to need to consider a number of different things into account. You definitely should not just simply rush out and take ...

How to Choose an Attorney for A DUI Charge

If you have been charged or arrested for criminal activity involving a DUI, you should definitely take it seriously, but don't panic. You may feel that your world may be coming to an end, but ...

2nd Dui? Beat your second dui with dui loopholes

Beat your second dui arrest with proven dui loopholes found in your police report. Were you given a fair chance because of your previous dui? Dui convictions can be avoided with proper legal represent

The Impact of a Guilty Plea on Your Future

Nothing is more frightening than being arrested for a crime. So it isn't surprising to see people facing criminal charges want to get the process over as quickly as possible. Who can blame them?

Having Trouble With DUI Laws?

DUI laws can be very intimidating to drivers, especially if they are arrested and read their rights by police. Most drivers are too intimidated to think about what's happening to them. If they hear that they were driving "drunk" then they may be afraid to protest out of fear of stiffe

DUI Defense Attorney - What to Look for

The truth is that you typically think of hiring a lawyer after things have gone terribly wrong and you want to be bailed out. If you are arrested for driving while intoxicated, you want to ...

Tased or Tasered: A Guide To Using Tasers

It is common knowledge that law enforcers can use tasers, not everyone may be aware that it is possible for private individuals to own them for personal safety and defense. Knowing what stun guns and tasers are, what they do and how one can benefit from using them can help one determine if owning on

Defense Against Armed Robbery Charges

An armed robbery conviction is accompanied by extremely harsh sentences. Jail time and costly fines are common for those convicted of armed robbery. Receiving the maximum penalty can not only result in extreme life changes, but it can also destroy a person's reputation.