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Android Apps With Completely Voice Activated Text Messaging

Speech-to-text applications write out on-screen the messages that you speak into your phone. They’re ideal for texting while in a car, but they’re also handy if you're working on a computer or find your hands otherwise occupied. There are a number of text-to-speech applications available

World Semiconductor Metal Etching Equipment Industry 2018 Forecast

Global Semiconductor Metal Etching Equipment Market 2014-2018: New research report at Call at +1 888 391 5441 to purachse this report. Researcher's analysts forecast the Global Semiconductor Metal Etching Equipment market to grow at ...

Instructions on How to Unlock an 8350L Boost

Unlocking your Boost Mobile Blackberry 8350i lets you make phone calls, send text messages and access menus. The phone's features are under heavily restrictions when the lock is active, protecting your data and personal information if you lose the phone or if an unauthorized person ends up with it.

How to Go to Update on a YP-P2

Samsung periodically releases firmware updates for their YP-P2 series of MP3 players. Firmware updates can fix software bugs in the player's operating system, or add additional functionality to the device. You can update the firmware on the YP-P2 using a computer and the USB data cable that came wit

Proper Tinning and Caring of Soldering Iron Tip

Soldering production can be enhanced and joint failure due to soldering can be greatly reduced by taking proper care of the soldering tip. These tips are made of copper plated with iron and the right ...

Troubleshooting a Magnavox Projection TV

No PowerA power surge in your home's electrical system could cause the Magnavox projection TV to turn off automatically. It does this to protect the TV's components from shorting out . Unplug the TV and leave it unplugged for at least a minute, then plug it back in again and try to turn...

How to Activate a Samsung WEP 200

The Samsung WEP 200 Bluetooth headset was introduced around 2006 and was designed to complement Samsung's growing number of Bluetooth cell phones and to give consumers a stylish device at an affordable price. It has since become a favorite selling item. If you own one and are experiencing problems g

How to Select GPS for TomTom in XDA Orbit

GPS is a Global Positioning System that uses satellite-based navigation consisting of twenty-four satellites. According to Garmin, the United States Department of Defense was the first to use GPS. However, in the 1980s GPS became available to civilians. XDA Orbit is a mobile phone by O2, a United Ki

How Do Digital Cameras Work?

Absorbing the LightWhen a picture is taken using a digital camera, the camera must convert light into electrons to capture the image in a digital format. The image first enters the camera through the lens. The light from the image is then focused onto a plane inside the camera where a...

How to Set Up a Jumbo Universal A17G0891 Remote

A remote control that is not set up or programmed correctly is useless, so it's important to make sure your universal remote is properly programmed before attempting to use it. The Jumbo Universal A17G0891 remote is an over-sized universal remote that is ideal for those who are visually impaired. Se

Specifications of the Olympus E-3 and E-410

The Olympus E-3 and E-410 are SLR camera bodies that use 4/3 lenses. The E-3 is a slightly more advanced model, features a higher-quality metallic body, a better LCD screen and more versatile shooting modes. The E-410 shares many of the same features as the E-3, but is made of plastic and has more a

How to Fix a Coax Cable Connection

Your home either had coaxial wiring pre-installed into the walls or you had a cable company install the wiring. Either way, your coaxial cable may require repair. The ends on coaxial cable can become damaged over time, and can eventually need replacing. However, there is a quick and relatively easy

How to Download Ringtones to an LG Shine

The LG Shine is a discontinued phone model that LG originally marketed through AT&T. It is a slider-style handset, which means that the display portion of the phone slides up to reveal a keypad behind it. This is a variation of the bar-style handset, but with slider-style phones the keypad is protec

How to Wire Speakers to a Receiver

Home audio systems enhance the sound of your TV, movies and music. Whether you choose a simple two-speaker setup or a more complex surround-sound system, your speakers will only sound good if they are set up properly. Knowing how to wire speakers to a receiver is the first step toward enjoying your

Casio Exilim EX-S200 Review

Some problems with shutter lag and shot to shot delays hamper the Exilim S200, but it is a good-looking model that has a few strengths. My Casio Exilim EX-S200 review reveals a camera that may work well as a model for someone looking for a good mix of style and low-light performance.