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3D Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

Currently, there are plug-ins that enable the user to export directly from your 3D Application into Playstation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, and Direct Draw formats. More plug-ins are always under construction to support the myriad of real-time formats being used in gaming.

Framing a Painting - The Best Way to Frame a Watercolor

Framing a watercolor painting has some distinct options to consider. These include the selection of mats, glass, and frame. In this article I have broken this down into easy to understand sections. Let's start by looking at how to go about choosing the right mats to enhance your painting.

Color Theories - Understanding the Blending of Colors

Whenever a painter or a novice are planning to start painting, he should be very careful about the colors he is going to use. The combination of colors, in any form of painting, is highly essential, just as applying the proper shades is; although this perception comes with regular practicing of comb

Find out How to Produce Great City Photos

If you've been searching for a guide that features various beneficial suggestions on methods to take truly quality images of the city skyline when you' re next checking out a major metropolis then you have ...

Controllable Qualities of Light

In theatre, the lighting instruments that light the stage actually rarely move, but they can indeed move quite a bit in virtual space. Besides the lights that light a scene but have an invisible source, movement also can refer to the movement of a visible light source; for example, a lantern being c

Watercolor Painting - Steps to Develop Your Painting Skills

Painting with watercolor is fun but also difficult to master. It's better to learn the basic skills of water color paintings and then move to the complex ones. With this article we can have a step by step watercolor painting skills.

Audio Visual Assistance

You are a new entry in the race for financial superiority and you want your company to focus on audio visual assistance. You have chosen a noble business and you will have the chance to reach the perfect balance between working with people which is one of the most difficult businesses in the world a

What Camera Flash Can Do

By adding ambient light as opposed to totally replacing it, on-camera flash can perform interesting effects and also subtlety. Experimentation now is easier than ever before with digital cameras. While on-camera flash is very effective ...

Getting the Most From Universal Studios Tickets

If you plan to have a meaningful holiday, then this is definitely a great choice for you to settle. This is a very popular theme park around the world and constantly gains more and more ...

Clip Art - Vector Based Imaging

Clip art is offered in multiple file formats that can be divided and further explained by using two categories: Bitmap and Vector. The purpose of this article is to help provide insight into vector based clip art images.

Learn to Draw Step by Step & Develop Your Personal Drawing Style

You will perhaps find that as you learn to draw gradually, you will mature your own drawing style in a natural way. Your individuality is unique, you watch things with a different eye to how others work and your hand muscles are dissimilar from others. So in a sense you might not be able to avoid de

Art Tips - How to Sketch Moving Objects

When you decide to go from drawing figures that are posed to drawing a moving scene it will be much harder because you will not have the time to study moving figures the same as you would when the subject is posed on one spot for more than five minutes. When drawing a posed object you must quickly m

How to Paint Shadows in Your Landscape and Still Life Paintings

There is something about adding shadows to a painting that really bring it to life.Look around you in nature, you rarely do not see a shadow of some type.I have taken a simple painting of a vase of flowers and given it life by casting a shadow from it.

The Romanticized Art of China - Three Kingdoms

After the fall of the forceful Han Dynasty in 220 AD, China was divided into Three Kingdoms, the northern part was called 'Wei,' and to the south of Wei were 'Shu' in the west and 'Wu' in the east. The Three Kingdoms (called Sangua) Period was a part of the Six Dynastie

Light Rays and Illumination in 3D Modeling

For you to see anything, whether it be in real life or on the computer, you need light. Light travels through rays, infinitely small trajectories from the source. Rays travel in a constant direction until they encounter another atmospheric condition or a surface. In real life, rays not only alter th

Economical Easel Stands for Every Need

Whatever kind of easel stand you need, whether it be a floor mounted whiteboard stand or a tabletop one to display your favorite photograph, there will be one available. Even the cheapest models are attractive ...

Colored Pencil Drawing

As primarily a figurative artist, I really enjoy colored pencil drawing. One of the best things that I like about using colored pencils is the portability.

Motion Picture Cameras in the 3D World

Acting along the same principles of a still image camera, motion picture cameras capture action through a series of still images called frames. Frames in motion pictures are the exact equivalent to frames in your 3D Application.

What's the Difference Between 2D and 3D Anyway?

The first concept you must grasp is that 3D means 3 dimensional and 2D means 2 dimensional. Now before you think I'm stating the obvious, let me go on to say that the 3D and 2D in animation refer to the dimension in which the animation was created. Ahhhh. The plot thickens eh?