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Legal Separation

A legal separation is similar to divorce but there is no final judgment that ends a marriage.

10 Most Expensive Divorces

Most Expensive Divorce Casesring image by Jens Klingebiel from Fotolia.comCelebrity weddings are always big news, but nothing can top a messy celebrity divorce when it comes to getting headlines and grabbing attention. Divorce is never cheap, but with these high rollers it certainly was...

About Marriage Counseling Arizona

Couples can work together to keep their relationship healthy and avoid marriage counseling Arizona. If only one person in the couple wants the relationship to work, not even marriage counseling Arizona will save the union. ...

Good Listening Means Good Relationships

Happy people make it a point to listen to others. They like to learn new things, take an interest in others and generally feel good when they listen. In the process of listening, they are ...

Can Separated Couples File Jointly?

A separation from your spouse is an emotionally difficult situation, but it also has financial consequences. You will now have to maintain two separate households, in many cases on the same income that you used to maintain one. In addition, your tax-filing situation will change. If you are separated

Reconciling After Your Wife's Affair

Congratulations to you sir. You should be congratulated. You have lived through exactly what numerous haven't, and usually do not. You have defeated the odds. It's reported that 53% of marriages end in divorce because ...

Love in a Recession

Money really does make a difference in a relationship. Could your marriage break up during a recession? Some relationships become stronger during a recession.

Get the Man You Love - How to Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back

Is your heart still aching from your breakup? Do you wish to want him back? Do you love him so much that you would be willing to do anything to get the man you love back? You can learn how to get ex-boyfriend back if you choose to. A break up can be very depressing. However, this does not mean your

Celebrity Divorce Lawyer is the Ultimate Sanction

A celebrity wedding makes it to the headlines without any endeavor and a celebrity divorce can create even more undulation in tinsel town. It is therefore essential for the celebrity couple to take their matters ...

Skin Facts - Getting to know your skin

Skin Facts - Getting to know your skin. Your skin is an amazing organ the largest in the body and it covers 10 -20 square feet. Forming a boundary between the outside and the inside. ...