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How Do You Become Paraplegic?

An accident occurs or a degenerative condition is present.The spinal cord runs through a cavity formed by the bony structures of the spine. It is protected not only by a cage of bone, but by ligaments, tissues and spinal fluid. Sometimes, however, an accident or degenerative condition can...

Girls and ADHD

Why attention deficit hyperactive disorder is so often overlooked in girls.

Brain Concussion Head Injury Treatment

Concussions are serious injuries that result from a severe blow to the head. While athletes such as boxers and football players are often prone to concussions, any person who gets into a car accident or falls down and strikes their head could also potentially get a concussion. There are several typi

Prevention & Treatment of Occipital Neuralgia

Occipital neuralgia is a particular kind of headache. Its characteristics include pain in the upper neck, the back of the head, behind the ears and usually on one side of the head. The scalp might be tender to the touch; there may be pain behind the eyes and forehead; and the headaches may cause lig

New Imaging Tech Promises to Help Diagnose Brain Disorders

A new type of magnetic resonance imaging technology may soon help doctors diagnose acute stroke, as well as assess certain neurological, cognitive, and behavioral disorders such as autism, attention deficit disorder, and schizophrenia.

MRI in Headache

Most patients don't need imaging for common headache, but the decision to image or not is not always clear-cut. What are the 'red flags' which indicate a need for a brain MRI?

Nutrition May Help Treat Traumatic Brain Injury

For service members wounded on the battlefield, nutrition appears to play a vital role in improving the outcome of traumatic brain injury, especially if it is administered soon after the injury occurs.

Spinal Fluid Test May Diagnose Alzheimer's

Researchers have identified a protein "signature" in the spinal fluid of patients with Alzheimer's disease, which could represent an important advance in its diagnosis.

Onset of MS Symptoms

MS, short for multiple sclerosis, is an incurable neurological system disease. In an individual with multiple sclerosis, the immune system progressively destroys the myelin sheath covering the axons of nerve cells within the spinal cord and brain. As the covering deteriorates, the brain will gradual

Living With a Spinal Cord Injury-Topic Overview

What is the spinal cord?The spinal cord is a soft bundle of nerves surrounded and protected by the backbone (spine). It runs down the middle of the back from the brain to about the waist through the spinal canal. The brain and the spinal cord make up the central nervous system. Messages between the

Multiple Sclerosis Rates Up 50%

Multiple sclerosis (MS) may be 50% more common in the U.S. than previously thought, according to a new research review.