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Advising a Single Parent With a Troubled Teen

If you work with troubled teens, chances are likely that a few of them come from a single-parent family. This makes the teenager's problem all the more acute because it is always difficult to be without one parent, and it is even more difficult to build good relationships with the parent who is

Vail Colorado Nature Center Kids Activities

The nature center promotes exploring nature up close and personal.girl - looks through lens image by Petr Gnuskin from Fotolia.comChildren are welcome at the Vail Nature Center. Operated by the Vail Recreation District, the center hosts walks, camps and educational programs where...

Making Children Happy

Children need to be supplied with as many positive and influential affirmations as possible to encourage them to be happy and live bright and meaningful lives, with endless opportunities. They can onl

Research "Across the Pond"

Genealogy research in a foreign country doesn't need to be intimidating. These simple steps will help you get around the language and record barriers, and add a new generation or two to your family tree.

Things to Do With an Angry Child

Everyone gets angry about different events throughout the day. Sometimes children need to know how to cope with that anger so bad behavior problems do not develop. Easy techniques used to calm down adults also work with children. Creativity and a little guidance opens up a world of things to do with

Pizza Turnovers - Recipes for Kids

Little bite size pizzas for dipping and eating and sharing with friends. Part of our large collection for recipes for kids.

Premature Infant-The First Weeks at Home

As you and your infant adjust to being at home, you will gradually establish a routine together. You also may find that your premature infant is truly different from what you'd expect of a full - term infant. During the first weeks at home, consider these important points:Sleeping and wakefulnes

Baby Trend Snap 'N Go - Lightweight and Affordable Stroller

The Baby Trend Snap 'n Go is affordable. Retailing for less than $60, it could be considered one of the best baby bargains out there. If you are not sure what type of long term stroller you may want, this is a good low cost alternative to use while your infant is still in a car seat.

Book Review: What Babies Say Before They Can Talk

As parents you are the most important people in your baby’s world. You provide your child with his first definitions of himself. You tell him through your every word, gesture, and action just how important he is and how he is perceived by the outside world. So, what do babies say before they ca

How to make your home burglar-proof

Each year in the U.S. there are more than five million home burglaries and a surprising nine out of ten of these crimes are preventable! You can cut your risk of being burglarized vastly by taking sim


Definition for lifebooks and how they can benefit the adopted or foster child. Lifebook are very beneficial to adopted or foster children.

20 Keys To Parenting Teen-agers

Would you like some help with parenting your teen-ager? As a Marriage, Family Therapist for 27 years, I noticed that parents were having similar problems with their children during their teen-years. I realized that the children and parents often talked about their frustrations and did not know how t