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Essential Oils and Pregnancy

As each trimester unfolds in a pregnancy the body undergoes many dramatic changes including a heightened sensitivity to taste and smell, change in body shape, morning sickness, memory lapses as well as the inevitable emotional roller coaster ride. Essential oils can play a significant role in balanc

Indirect Coombs' Test-Topic Overview

An indirect Coombs' test determines whether there are antibodies to the Rh factor in the mother’s blood. A normal (negative) result means that the mother has not developed antibodies against the fetus's blood. A negative Coombs' test indicates that the fetus is not presently in danger fr

Early Signs of Melasma

Melasma is a common skin condition consisting of dark patches of pigmentation that usually affect the face, especially the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead and chin. It can also appear on the neck and forearms.

VBAC Vs Elective Caesarean - What is Right For Me?

Let me begin by saying that this article is not about the scientific evidence on Vaginal Birth After Caesarean (VBAC) or Elective Caesarean (EC). There are plenty of wonderful articles and books on that out there. This article is about choice...birth choice. Its purpose is to provide you with a few

What You Learn in Lamaze Classes

These courses have proven to be very helpful for those women who want their pregnancy to be easier for them and here are a few things on these classes and on what they teach you. These pre-natal education classes for pregnant women teach the future parents different things about pregnancies, about g

Lifespan of Human Sperm

Consisting of two parts (the head and the tail), human sperm plays an essential role in human reproduction. The lifespan of human sperm consists of several stages and varies in length depending upon the conditions under which the ejaculation took place.

Using Red Raspberry Tea during Pregnancy

In my experience, using red raspberry tea during pregnancy drastically reduced the amount of pain during labor. With my first three pregnancies I really had no plan other than an epidural. But slowly I began ...

Hormonal Methods of Birth Control

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of hormonal methods of birth control including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Maternity Pillows Give Support and Comfort With Regular Use

Maternity pillows provide much needed support to an expectant mother's body. A good night's sleep is paramount to the mother to be and supporting a changing body on a conventional mattress can be a challenge. These pillows help to alleviate this issue without having to go out and buy a who

Pregnancy Calendar And The Stages During Pregnancy

A pregnancy calendar can be a useful guide to learn about what is exactly happening inside your body at a particular time. There are many useful pregnancy websites online that provide accurate information regarding the stages during pregnancy and the corresponding development of the baby.

Exercise During Pregnancy For You and Your Baby

Exercise during pregnancy is good for both mother-to-be and baby. Exercise can help you moderate your weight gain to a healthy range, improve circulation, ease joint discomfort and get your body in shape for its biggest event on delivery day.

How To Care For Your Body During Pregnancy

Many women know that pregnancy is hard, but you should remain positive. On top of that, learning about the situation is key. This article will provide you with the things you need to know about pregnancy, so that it goes more smoothly.

Twin Pregnancy Diet

Eating for a twin pregnancy presents special challenges to expectant mothers. Complications for the mother, like pregnancy induced hypertension, gestational diabetes and pre-eclampsia are more frequent in a twin pregnancy. Problems like low birth weight and early delivery affect twins more often tha