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What Are Some Common Edible Grasses, Weeds and Flowers?

Many wild plants, grasses and flowers that are considered weeds could be used for food or medicinal purposes. Many of these plants may have been introduced by earlier settlers, but then forgotten over time and eventually condemned from the garden as weeds. Among the wild plants are edible grains, ro

How to Make a Foil Out of Wood

It doesn't take much time to make a costume foil for use in a play, and you can make several in case they break. The most important part of making a costume foil is that the foil be realistic and safe. For this reason, it's crucial that you don't sharpen the tip of the wood foil. Even though it's wo

How to Get a Giratina in "Pokémon Platinum"

"Pokemon Platinum" is a part of the fourth generation of games in the "Pokemon" video game series. It is available on the Nintendo DS handheld gaming system, and it is the upgraded version of the "Pokemon Pearl" and "Pokemon Diamond" titles. Giratina is one of the many Legenadry Pokemon that exists

How to Make a Homemade Bottle Rocket Launcher

Bottle Rockets are rockets made from plastic bottles and are launched through the use of pressurized air through a pipe or stand. They are used for recreational purposes and are a nice, safe backyard toy for you or your children. Making a bottle rocket is quite simple as long as you have the necessa

Aircraft Design Vs. Drag

Every aircraft designer must overcome two basic forces. The first is weight, or gravity, which pulls the aircraft to the ground. Lift is the force that counters weight and is highly dependent upon the airspeed and aircraft shape. Thrust drives airspeed, but drag, the second force a designer must ove

Tricks to Making Great Cuts With a Band Saw

The band saw is one of the most versatile tools in the wood shop. It can handle straight cuts, curved cuts, large planks and tiny pieces. This versatility makes the band saw a wonderful tool for hobbyists and professionals alike. Everyone who owns one of these gems will tell you that the...

Types of Oil Spills

Oil spills threaten humans and wildlife.contamination image by Aleksander from Fotolia.comOil spills occur when petroleum, plant- or animal-based oils enter the environment unintentionally. Oil spills daily on land and water; most of the oil eventually makes its way into the water through...

Advantages of Reinforced Steel

Steel is iron that has had carbon and other alloys added to enhance its properties. This material is commonly used in construction because of its durability, and it is often used to reinforce other structures, such as concrete. In this application, it is called rebar. Steel has many advantages that

How Does Crazy Glue Work?

PropertiesThe active ingredient of Krazy Glue is ethyl 2-cyanaocrylate. When the glue is exposed to moisture, as in the air, the chemicals form long chains, or polymers. It sticks stuff together that does not have a lot of holes; it also sticks well to items that contain some water (like...

List the Top 5 Natural Resources

Natural resources are the products of the planet that we utilize in industry and to live. Some of these are absolutely essential for our survival, such as water, while others are used to increase our comfort, such as petroleum products. Some resources are more abundant than others, which often corre

Types of Ice Crystals

Ice crystals can form a variety of shapes and patterns.Jupiterimages/ ImagesIce crystals are a type of precipitation that falls in the form of single ice needles, columns, or plates. Cirriform clouds, frost, and ice fog are all types of weather caused by ice crystals. Ice...

The Benefits of Predator Hunting

Coyotes are one of the most common ly hunted predators.coyote image by Sue McMurtrie from Fotolia.comPredator hunting is the hunting of animals that are classified as predators in a particular area. The three most common predators hunted are coyotes, bobcats and fox. Due to the problems...

Purpose of TLC in Oxidation

Chromatography is a powerful technique that separates materials in a mixture based on their properties; one common procedure is called thin-layer chromatography or TLC. Among its many other applications, TLC can be used to separate the products of an oxidation-reduction reaction.

Book Making Ideas

Making a book is a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you are making a book for yourself or completing the project with your child, the book can be read, looked at and enjoyed for a long time. Books come in many different shapes and sizes and can cover a wide variety of topics.

Lacquer Vs. Urethane

Lacquers and urethanes both make excellent choices as wood finishes. But there are a few distinctions between the two that are important to recognize before making a choice.

How to Collect Ancient Coins

You may be wondering why people decide to collect ancient coins. Sometimes, history buffs are merely looking for a definitive link to the past. Other times, it's the beauty and elegance of these ancient forms of currency which drive the collectors in by the droves. Whatever your reason for collectin

About Open Pit Mines

Open pit mining, also known as strip mining, is the practice of extracting minerals in open air. While most mining is done underground or deep into the mountains, open pit mines require no tunneling or digging to reach the minerals to be mined.

How to Get Yu-Gi-Oh! 5DS Morphtronic Cards

The Yu-Gi-Oh! card game offers a variety of strategies and cards. Monster cards are used to attack your opponent, while Spell and Trap cards can augment your forces. One type of card is the Morphtronics, whose effects change depending on which position they take on the field. They are popular due to

How to Install Sako Scope Bases

Sako rifles are designed to use Optilock scope mounts and rings -- which are also produced by Sako. Sako rifles are generally sold with the scope mounts, along with the tools required for installation, included. Unlike most other scope-mounting systems the Optilock system requires that you first att