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The Top Five Methods To Keep the Cold Out of Your Home This Year

For older homes you will definitely want to consider doing this. It can even be of benefit to those who have new homes. It is very easy to determine if there is any problem if you simply hold a lit candle near your window or door and move it around watching for disturbances in the flame.

How to Make Espresso Using a Krups Il Primo

There are countless espresso machines on the market and they vary greatly in their quality and features. The Krups Il Primo espresso machine makes cappuccinos, lattes or just plain espresso. Espresso coffee is a relatively strong, sweet brew that can be enjoyed on its own or as the base for other co

Top-Load Frigidaire Washer Troubleshooting

Frigidaire is a common name in household appliance, with refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, washers and dryers. Frigidaire sells both front-loading washers and more traditional top-loading units. Performance issues with your top-loading washer may be minor or major, depending on the cause of the pro

How to Clean Inside an Electric Dryer Cabinet

You keep your home clean. You clean your stove regularly and you even clean out the refrigerator on a monthly basis, right? The one appliance you may not clean is the inside of your electric clothes dryer. Like other appliances, the inside of your dryer does get dirty. Dye, dust and grime builds up

Getting a Quote For Your Electrical Work Do's and Don'ts

Getting a quote for services is the most basic of business practices. With electrical services however, it's also a potentially tricky process. There's a potential risk in terms of a range of issues, from specifications to even just describing the job. It's important, when asking for

When to Look for Appliance Repairs

An electrical appliance can be a major headache if not properly looked after and managed on time. In case you find and problems with any of your appliances look into it immediately. And delay can cause a huge hole in your pockets.

How Do I Hang Planter Mounts on a Light Pole?

Hanging plants help to add life to light poles. You can install planter mounts to the light posts in your outdoor living space with a few basic tools. Select planter mounts that match the existing style of your home's exterior. Keep in mind the finish of the metal as well; it should match your exist

How to Insulate a Dryer Vent

Most dryer vents run as uninsulated pipes from your dryer to the outside vent hood. They run exposed in your basement or another room, and the temperature differential between the room and the inside of the pipe isn't that drastic. However, if your dryer vent pipe runs into an unconditioned space li

How to Hang Clothes to Dry

Before the electric clothes drier became common in the middle of the 20th century, laundry was dried by natural means, on the clothes line. It is still a wonderful method for drying laundry: they smell fresh and they look crisp. Even better, the process doesn’t cost you a dime, and it gets yo

How to Know If My Hot Water Heater Is Bad

No one wants to wait until a hot water heater completely stops working to get a replacement. A malfunctioning hot water can cause water damage in your home by springing a major leak if it bursts. You can look for several different signs to determine if your hot water heater is no longer operating co

Don't Let This Happen to You - Home Computer Electrical Damage

If you've read any of my other articles, you know that I am always coming up with great ideas, tips and even a couple of stories that can save homeowners lots of money.Here's another one of those stories, that involves a friend of mine who asked me if I could fix his outdoor electrical out

How to Replace a Clogged Drain Valve

The drain valve on a water heater allows you to flush out the water heater tank for cleaning and maintenance. Sometimes silt and other sediments can settle in these tanks. Hard water deposits can also take a toll on the interior of a tank. These irritants in the tank can also clog up the drain valve

How to Clean Gallon Glass Jugs

Glass gallon jugs have been used traditionally to hold beverages and other liquids. While the jugs provide a solid surface for storage, they can be bulky and difficult to clean. To keep the jugs looking their best, clean them properly in a way that removes all residue and keeps the jugs in usable

My Wall Sockets Are Overheating

Materials that conduct electricity also oppose its flow to some degree. This phenomenon is known as resistance, and every electrical conductor, no matter how efficient, displays it to some degree. Copper wire is a good conductor with low resistivity, but resistance increases with decreasing wire siz

HVAC: Troubleshooting a Bad Thermostat

Your heating and air conditioning system is an important part of your home because it is the primary system that keeps you and your family comfortable when the weather is too cold or too hot. If you are convinced that your HVAC problem is related to your system's thermostat, then you may be able to

Review of GE WWSE5240GWW Washing Machine

Looking for top load washing machine? Read this article and review of GE WWSE5240GWW top loader washing machine and find out why it is the choice of many home owners.

How to Put Out a Fire in a Wood Stove

A wood stove is an enjoyable alternative way to heat a home. By burning wood or other fuel sources, wood stoves make use of the natural heat generated by the fire, often at a greater monetary savings to a gas or electric heater. You should take great care when operating a wood stove, as improper use