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The Joy Of Quilting

While the pictures of the mosaics are not spectacular because we could not get close enough, I love how wonderful they look.

Caring for Antique Glassware

The caring of the antique glassware is an important task for the one who deals with these things. Despite of the thickness of the material, they are obvious to become weak as time passes by. So you can keep the delicacy of your glassware by cleaning and dusting it on regular basis.

Controllers For Model Trains

Controlling model trains has developed over more than a century from using only the AC power from the wall plug to the more sophisticated current use of digital technology.Digital command control allows the model train operator easy control over many different operations of a model train layout.

Candle Making Molds to Die For

Candle making molds are available in different materials, they are made from many different materials. From metal to rubber, steel to aluminum, you have a variety to choose from.

Collecting Celebrity Autographs As a Hobby

What should you know about collecting celebrity autographs as a hobby? Is it worth the time and effort? Is it really all that enjoyable? Learn more about collecting celebrity autographs as a hobby-it's the gift that keeps on giving!

The Scenery and Structure Basics For Model Trains

When you are getting started with model trains, it is easy to get carried away with the trains and the tracks themselves. However, part of what makes model trains such a great hobby is the scenery. The scenery that your model train will run through and over makes the whole layout interesting and it

Everything You Include Previously Planned To Learn About Weapons.

In many ways, firearms are usually a good expense. They could be costly and so they can certainly interest your own curiosity that could make you be a little more self-confident. Yet how do you look for a weapon that you're going to enjoy? Just read on and you will probably learn to complete ju

The Ins And Outs Of Finding The Right Sewing Machine

In more than two centuries in existence, the sewing machine has remained a constant feature in billions of homes across the globe. Despite the availability of clothes and fashion items in every color, shape and fit in our shops, and the easy availability of tailors and garment menders, the humble se

RC Helicopters, an Introduction

Everyone needs something they're passionate about. For many it's a hobby that enlivens their days, and for some becomes the focus of their entire life. Flying an RC (remote-controlled) model helicopter is one of those hobbies.

The Essential A-Z of EFE Buses

EFE buses are die cast models of a wide range of vintage and modern buses and coaches. Collect each model to build up your collection of transportation models.

Hobbies - Make Homemade Soap

Of the many hobbies out there, soap making is fun, easy, and does not require too much work or equipment. Check out some of the other perks here!

Doing What Is Fun:7 Tips For Your Dolhouse Furniture

thought of as an option, but it has some great qualities for your dollhouse.Green dollhouse furniture is the colorful choice for many fun pieces of dollhouse furniture.There are more green furniture options

Do You Know How to Make Candles at Home?

At one time candle making was more than a hobby, it was necessary because candles provided the only source of light. People didn't have electricity so they needed to use either candles or lamps in order to illuminate their homes.

Arts And Crafts For Kids To Make In February

February is here and with it arrives an array of holidays and fun. This winter, we've been hit with lots of snow, particularly up in the northeast. Having so many snow days can lead to parents feeling lost with what to do with the children cooped up all day.

Leg Warmers

Leg warmers are great for a number of reasons. My favorite reason is that they keep me warm. If my ankles or legs get too cold I am not a happy camper, and so I have gotten used to wearing them under my jeans as well as my pajamas.

Puppet Stand

Instructions to make a home made puppet holder from cardboard rolls and shoe boxes, submitted by FGabardi.

Setting Up a Home Woodshop

There are many things to consider when setting up a woodshop at home. The task can be somewhat intimidating, and even professionals find decision making to be difficult.

Model Trains and Model Railroading - Frequently Asked Questions

If you are just starting out in the model train hobby, you have a lot to learn, but you'll have fun doing it. Remember that you need a place where you can work comfortably, and you need to do a bit of research before investing your money in train products.