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Why Is Tile Hazy After Applying Grout?

InstallationWhen installing tile, you typically spread the grout over the entire area, forcing it into the crevices between the tiles. As you grout, you should wipe excess grout off the tiles so that it does not harden and become difficult to remove. This should be done often, and should...

How to Lay Wooden Flooring

Hardwood is a popular flooring choice. Despite the high cost, many consider its graceful look and feel worth every penny. Hardwood flooring can also raise the value of the property. The more you polish the floor, the better condition it will be in the long run, the higher the value.

Common Roof Rafter Design

Rafters are the skeleton of a roof, the bones that support the skin of decking and shingles. Bad rafters make bad roofs. Rafters must be cut at the proper angles to fit with other components of a house and must be made of the right wood to support the loads or pressures placed on the roof. Loads wil

How to Replace Windows from the Fifties

Window technology in the 1950s was fundamentally different than it is today. Back then, windows were built in place, with each of the sashes installed separately into tracks created by vertical trim on the sides of the openings. Today, windows are installed in pre-hung, self-contained units that are

How to Form a Slab Recess Without Damaging the Vapor Barrier

Creating a concrete foundation, or base, for a structure requires preparation of the job site. The soil must be leveled before concrete can be poured. In addition, most job sites require a vapor barrier, or plastic sheet, across the leveled soil for preventing moisture evaporation through the finish

How to Build a Small Backyard Waterfall

Waterfalls add serenity to your landscape and can be a focal point in your backyard space. You can build a small backyard waterfall with minimum building skills, large stones and a lot of sweat equity. Arranging the stones to make the waterfall is like working a puzzle, but excavation can be a chall

Types of Laminate Underlayment

Underlayment goes onto the subfloor before laminate is installed.Jupiterimages/ ImagesLaminate flooring is installed as a floating floor, which means it is not attached to the substrate but rather expands at the sides to accommodate changes in temperature and humidity. As...

How to Build Bunk Bed Parts

This article is directed towards woodworkers, who wish to replace a wooden component of a broken bunk bed. What you need to do is to take apart the bed remove the broken piece and then make a suitable reproduction. With some basic carpentry skills and a few simple power tools this task might be easi

How to Place Crown Molding on a Slanted Wall

Crown molding is designed specifically to be installed along a wall and ceiling that has a 90-degree angle where they meet. In a perfect world, all walls and ceilings are a 90-degree angle. Unfortunately, since this is not a perfect wall and sometimes you have a slanted wall, making the angle less t

DIY: How to Remove Silicone Caulk

Silicone caulk is recognized for its flexibility and long life span. It is used to seal joints around dissimilar surfaces in high moisture areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Although silicone caulk is durable, it eventually requires removal due to deterioration or exposure to mildew and mold. Wa

Do it Yourself Concrete Floors

Concrete floors have been growing in popularity due to their durability and affordability, as well as recent changes in available styles. They look great in any room and can be given a finish to mock any desired material. Even a simple concrete floor can add an industrial feel to a kitchen or create

How to Build Shelves on the Sides of a Fireplace

A fireplace is often the focal point of your family room or living room. Adding bookshelves to flank the fireplace creates a finished look to the room. The shelves provide a display for your media equipment, books and collectibles. Construction of the bookshelves requires some basic carpentry work.

How to Make a Storage Shelf

If you build your own shelving project, you can design the units to fit the space you have available and to accommodate the types of items you need to store. You also can choose to use lighter or heavier building materials, depending on the weight of the items that you intend to store on the shelves

How to Lay Carpet Over Tile

Laying traditional wall-to-wall carpet over any surface is heavy work and is best left to professionals, but for any tiled or smooth surface, carpet squares can easily be installed by the average do-it-yourself homeowner. These squares, also referred to as carpet tiles, give the same look as wall-t

How to Measure for Cutting Wood

Working with wood is a time-honored tradition, dating back to ancient times. For an industrious handyman, wood can be used to make tables, shelving, chairs or even houses. Working with wood is simple, but it takes patience and a keen eye. A vital skill for woodworking is knowing how to measure the w

Lighting Ideas After Removing Fluorescent Lighting in the Kitchen

Kitchens are the center of home activity, with cooking, eating, family gatherings, entertaining and even TV watching all taking place in the space. Removing fluorescent lighting from the ceiling is a major step toward modernizing the kitchen. Once the ceiling is repaired from the old lighting, decid

How to: A Removable Plate Rack in a Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchen storage space needs to be flexible as your needs evolve. If you have tried stacking bowls on plates or smaller plates on larger plates, you're probably doing so to take advantage of as much cabinet space as possible. But trying to get those plates out from under bowls can be difficult. For f

How to Pick Drapes for a Living Room

Adding curtains or drapes to the windows of your home can transform your home. The colors you choose, the fabrics you desire and the light you let in are all different ways to change the mood, theme and attitude of your living room. With a few simple thoughts and techniques to keep in mind, choosing

Hardwood Floor Installation Tips

Installing hardwood floors can add value and beauty to your home. Wood floors complement many home decor styles and blend well with a variety of paint colors and furniture fabrics. When choosing a wood flooring product, pay attention to the grading of the material. Although lower-grade materials wil