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How to Get Chewing Gum Out of Cotton

When chewing gum gets stuck to cotton, it seems nearly impossible to remove. The sticky texture of the gum is what makes the removal process so difficult as it is messy and sticks tightly to the cotton. To successfully remove the gum from the cotton, the best thing to do is change the actual composi

How to Get Rid of Burnt Bean Odor

It is very easy to forget about a simmering pot of beans on the stove. It is not easy to forget the terrible odor of burnt beans. Removing the odor will take days or even weeks unless you use the right products. But you don't have to buy any special deodorizers; a cheap but very effective room deod

How to Clean Dirty Electrical Outlets in a Bathroom

Safely clean electrical outlets in a bathroom with the right tools and preparations. Hairspray, dirt and dust can build up, giving the outlets a dirty appearance. Remove the outlet covers from the wall before attempting to clean. A soak in soapy water will loosen the buildup with little effort.

The Best Dishwashing Detergent for Hard Water

Hard water can leave unsightly deposits on dishes after dishwasher cycles. This filmy residue can make dishes look as though they are dirty. The type or brand of dishwashing detergent doesn't matter because the hard water residue is left during the rinse cycle. The best option for removing this resi

How to Clean Moss & Lichens Off Tombstones

Tombstones in damp, overgrown cemeteries are likely to harbor moss and lichens. Moss is green and cushiony, while lichens are grayish-green and scurfy. Unlike lichens, however, moss grows rapidly and spreads across tombstones, eventually covering them completely. Although neither lichens nor moss da

Mold Prevention in Homes Exposed to Water

A flood in your home can mean some big problems. Not only is a home exposed to water in danger or structural damage, and the contents of the home ruined, but the building materials are also at risk of mold development if the moisture is not tackled immediately. Preventing mold after such a disaster

How to Clean Candy From Carpet

There's nothing sweet about candy that gets stuck in your carpeting. Tackle the crisis with this easy homespun solution.

How to Clean Pet Odor Out of Furniture

Keeping pets indoors protects them from the outside threats of traffic, fleas and wild animals. However, indoor pets occasionally relieve themselves in inappropriate places. Even after urine and waste particles are removed, unpleasant odors can remain on upholstered furniture. Any trace of remainin

How to Clean Wood Whitened By Moisture

White marks on wood, or water marks, are pesky stains that mar your wood's pristine appearance. You can get them from simply having a guest that's too careless to use a coaster or from leaving a window open on a rainy day. Such white stains, no matter how small, can make your wood look like a comple

How to Remove Stains From TimberTech Composite Wood

TimberTech is a composite wood product made up of plastics and wood, touted by the manufacturer as a durable, low maintenance finish. The plastic content of TimberTech composite wood adds stain resistance that traditional wood products do not have, but some staining may still occur with regular use.

How to Remove Hairspray From Surfaces

Using hairspray is just part of the morning routine. You do it over and over in the same place, day after day. Before you know it, you have a buildup of hairspray on the wall behind you, on the mirror or even on the floor. The sticky mess will start to attract dirt and grime, so it's a good idea to

Washing Instructions for Wool Clothes

Wool is a natural fiber that never goes out of style. Wool clothing will keep you warm in the winter and can be lightweight enough to wear during cool summer evenings. Dry cleaning uses strong chemicals to clean your wool clothing and can also be expensive. Fortunately, you don't need to pay to clea

The Best Way to Remove Staples From Wood

If you're attempting to remove staples from hardwood flooring after ripping the carpet off it, you have to be very careful not to damage the wood as you pull the staples out or you may find yourself dismantling the entire floor. The trick to getting the staples out without scraping the floors or lea

How to Get Marinara Out of Carpet

While tomato-based marinara sauce is a healthy addition to your spaghetti, it adds a greasy, colorful stain to carpet fibers. There's no reason to live with a permanent red stain on your carpeting. You can get marinara out of the carpet by cleaning it with household supplies that lift the stain with

How to Clean a Brine Well in Water Softeners

The brine well, or brine tank, of a water softener is the section that holds the salt of the unit. While the brine well does not usually need cleaning, the salt levels can harden over time or lead to mineral buildup. Debris from the bags of salt can also clog the unit. If this happens, homeowners ca

How to Get Soda Out of a Tie

Ties complete any man's suit, giving it a finished and classic look. Stains often occur, but that doesn't mean you have to run to the dry cleaner and pay a small fee. You can clean out most stains at home with an ingredient found in just about every bathroom, that is safe for all materials and fabri

How to Get a Stain Off a Jersey

Sports jerseys are resilient garments, but they suffer a lot of stain damage. Grass stains, sweat residue and food stains are common problems you encounter with a sports jersey. The jersey material is absorbent, making it ideal for working out and playing sports, but this helps it retain stains. To

How do I Prevent a Copper Sink Coating From Tarnishing?

Copper is a soft metal that's reddish in color. It naturally tarnishes over time. Once it tarnishes (or oxidizes), copper loses its natural shine and develops an unattractive dark covering. You can help prevent your copper sink from tarnishing by performing some routine steps.

How to Remove a Shoe Polish Stain From Vinyl Floors

Vinyl flooring is durable and does not need heavy-duty maintenance but regular care helps to prolong its lifespan. Shoe polish in particular can damage your vinyl floor if not cleaned up in time. Shoe polish is petroleum-based with additional ingredients added in different formulas to prolong its ef