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Palm Tree Types

Here is information on various types of palm trees. Triangle Palm: Endemic to Madagascar, the triangle palm is a beautiful, sun-loving plant. Seeds and some other parts of this plants are toxic and can cause problems upon ingestion.

Stone Patio Installation Techniques

Stone is a rustic and charming material for patios, retaining walls and driveways.structure, stone, wild stone image by Oleg Guryanov from Fotolia.comA natural or cut stone patio adds to the appeal of your outdoor living spaces and provides a more natural landscaping element than brick or...

How to Scallop Edge a Lawn

Scallop edging a lawn serves as a barrier to keep grass from encroaching on other landscaping, as well as improves the aesthetic look of your yard. Scallop edging block can be purchased in a variety of designs and colors from your local block plant and can be installed with just a few simple tools.

How to Replace a Garden Gazebo Canopy

Thanks to large-chain home stores such as Wal-Mart and Lowe's, the out-of-the-box gazebo has become a popular addition to the home and patio. But in punishing weather and summer sun, the canopies look tired and faded after a season or two. With a little ingenuity and a few sewing skills you can revi

5 Different Tasks That A Tree Service Company Can Do For You

If you hire a tree service company, you can get 5 types of services from them. We're going to look at the definitions of each of those types of services so that you'll know what they are intended for. Tree Planting: This sounds like an easy type of tree service but it's not, especiall

How to Test a Rain Sensor for a Sprinkler System

Rain sensors are a great way to prevent your sprinkler system from activating when it is raining or has recently rained. These devices sit outside the house and collect water as it rains. The water causes small discs inside the sensor to spread apart, which in turn cuts out the circuit that controls

The Need to Hire Tree Removal Services

Trees are important structure in any landscape. Trees make beautiful landscape and can be the envy in the neighborhood. Trees are also functional because they provide us with shade during the summer months and with ...

How to Wash a Wooden Deck

Your wooden deck allows you to enjoy the outdoors, barbecue and have meals with friends and family. When the deck begins to look dull and requires cleaning, use something that breaks up the residue but will not cause harm to the deck or any surrounding soil or plants. You can do this with oxygen ble

Tip on How to Clean Patio Furniture Cushions

Quality patio furniture needs occasional maintenance to keep the cushions looking like new. It's easier to clean patio furniture cushions than you think and with the right products and a little elbow grease, you can keep your cushions in top form year round. Unlike cheap patio furniture, qualit

How to Get Rid of Foxes

Although they may look cute and cuddly, foxes can actually turn out to be sneaky, crafty little predators that mercilessly prey on your farm animals and even cause damage to your property. Wild foxes enjoy dining on chickens, turkey, duck and geese in addition to baby pigs, lambs and small house pet

How to Care for a Brand New Seeded Lawn

Proper care for a brand new seeded lawn is necessary for the grass to grow healthy and full. Water and fertilizer schedules are necessary until the lawn reaches the fullness and height you desire. Follow healthy lawn care guidelines to prevent dead grass, patchy growth and the need to re-seed.

How to Install a Drip System with Lawn Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems are as much as 40 percent more water-efficient than traditional sprinkler systems, according to Colorado State University. A drip irrigation system may even be exempted from water restrictions during drought. They are relatively easy to build on your own, and require no speci

How to Brace a Tree Limb With Wire & Cable

If you want to extend your tree's life, you need to keep the trunk from rotting. According to landscape architect Elbert Peets, the easiest way to prevent trunk decay is by bracing large weak and dying limbs, since most decay enters through wounds created when branches break off. Using wire and cabl

Primitive Composting

Primitive composting is a method of composting that lets nature do most of the work. In modern composting, the gardener helps the process along by adding certain materials, turning the pile, and draining off moisture. In primitive composting, the gardener does none of that. There are no extra tools

Troubleshooting for a Yardman Push Mower

Yard Man lawn equipment is widely available at home-improvement centers, hardware stores and big-box store outlets. The push mowers are often ideally suited for home owners with smaller lawns and who still want a gasoline engine mower as opposed to a reel-type push mower. From time to time in normal

Planning Your Landscape Garden

One of the most important aspects of planning a landscape garden is preparation. Pay close attention to the size of the garden, the types of flowers (bulbs, annuals, perennials, etc.), the color of the plants and flowers, and the size and height of any shrubs.

How to Edge With Rock

Edging helps you differentiate between the lawn area and the garden so you know exactly where the grass stops and the garden starts. There are two methods of edging. One method puts horizontal distance between the garden and the lawn but allows you to run the lawnmower over the top of the rock. The

Gravel Bed Ideas

Gravel is an affordable and versatile landscaping material. Whether you use irregularly-shaped crushed rocks or smooth, round pea gravel, it offers a subtle contrast of color and texture, and provides a natural backdrop for plants and trees. As a water-penetrable surface that's easy to maintain, gra

Handcrafted Metal Garden Butterfly

Create a handcrafted metal garden butterfly using 18- to 22-gauge craft wire or 5 mil metal craft foil. Each method requires a template sized to fit the desired outline of the butterfly. Look for ready-made templates in craft stores, or cut out your own from a coloring book or magazine.