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How to Troubleshoot a White PoolShark Cleaner

The PoolShark cleaning system cleans the bottom of your pool and helps circulate the water for better overall pool cleanliness. If your PoolShark isn't moving as quick as normal or if major debris is left on the bottom of your pool after a normal cycle don't give up on your PoolShark or request a se

How to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water

Cloudy pool water is frustrating. It ruins the look of your pool and can make swimming not only uncomfortable but unsafe. If your water is cloudy, it means that there is something wrong with your equipment or chemical balance.

The Benefits of Installing a Pool

Have you ever thought of installing a pool for your home? Indeed, having a pool right at your yard can bring lots of fun and excitement for you and your family, which is also the very reason on why most families opt to have a pool installed. The home becomes a beautiful venue for gatherings and part

How to Get Rid of Milky Swimming Pool Water

The water in a swimming pool can become milky, or cloudy, for a number of reasons: poor or insufficient water circulation; a chemical imbalance; poor or improper water filtration; and poor oxidation levels and sanitation, which leads to the early stages of algae growth. During the early stages of al

Front of Marilyn Monroe's House

Marilyn Monroe only lived in her Brentwood, California, house for about nine months before her life ended. Take a tour of the lovely home.

How to Fit a Heater to a Swimming Pool

A pool heater can help make your swimming pool more temperate and extend the swimming season for your home. When fitting a heater to your pool, you need to take certain things into account. You need to know the proper size heater for your pool, which depends on the pool's size. The heater also needs

Making an Acrylic Water Splash

Artists use different techniques in their paintings to create effects that make the painting either more realistic or more interesting. The type of medium the artist uses can have an impact on how some of these effects are produced. For instance, if you are using acrylic paints, a splash effect requ

A Primer for Pool Resurfacing

This page talks about pool resurfacing and it's many options. It talks about the different types of material a pool can be resurfaced with and more.

Pool Heat Pumps Are One of the Best Ways to Make Your Pool Comfortable

One of popular swimming pool accessories used by pool owners is a pool heat pump. This helps them to use the pool even in very cold weather when the water is too cold to swim in. A heat pump functions in a very simple manner, just like your air conditioner, refrigerator, water cooler, or dehumidifie

Red Rainbowfish

A profile of the Red Rainbowfish, Glossolepis incisus, including habitat, care, feeding, and breeding.

Through the Garden Gate

Besides fall foilage, nothing announces the change of season more than your home's front door, entryway or porch. People are anxious to celebrate autumn by decorating the outside of their houses. Take a walk in your neighborhood to see what others are up to on their front porches. Or take a dri

Small-Patio Water Features

A birdbath is a simple way to incorporate a water feature into your small patio.Jupiterimages/ ImagesYou need not have an expansive patio to attractively incorporate a water feature into its design. Consider your goals in adding a water feature: Are you interested in the...

How to Build a Water Garden - Concrete Lined Pool

Making a concrete pool is not an easy undertaking, and it requires far more building expertise than using a liner or a pre-formed pool. Remember too, that once built, a concrete pool will be difficult to remove if you decide you do not like it or find it is in the wrong place.

Pros & Cons of Modular Carpet

Modular carpet tiles can easily be rearrange to create a fresh look for your room.woolen carpet texture image by Tolbxela from Fotolia.comModular carpets come in individual tiles and have become an alternative to traditional carpeting. Available in different colors, fabrics and patterns,...

Enjoy More Capital Value With Swimming Pool Enclosures

Besides the day-to-day benefits, swimming pool enclosures provide additional, long-term capital value to the value of a home with an inground swimming pool. What capital value will it add to my home? And how does that affect my decision today of what swimming pool enclosure I buy?

How to Build a Swimming Pool Using Concrete

Many factors will come into play when making the decisions involved with your underground pool and accessories. The decision to go with a concrete pool is the best option as it the easiest to construct and the most inexpensive as well.

Freeze Dried Brine Shrimp

Fresh or frozen brine shrimp are not always an option. Freeze-dried is a great alternative, and can be safely purchase on-line, if not available locally.

Waterfalls in Backyard

Nothing beats relaxing to the soft sounds of water splashing on rocks and into ponds. Creating your own rocky waterfall and garden pool is a challenge but you have done the hard landscaping work, you can take your time to make a perfect miniature water feature in the yard. Using natural landscaping,

How Safe Are Home Hot Tubs?

Spending time in a home hot tub can be a fun, relaxing experience. However, safety rules should be developed and followed to prevent serious or fatal injuries, particularly where children are concerned.