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Pelosi Pants on Fire

A political cartoon about Nancy Pelosi and what she knew about torture.

Sunburn Noida, Formula 1 2013 Coming Your Way Soon

Hey Delhi-ites, Gear up for an eventful October this year as Sunburn Noida and Formula 1 2013 are coming your your way soon. Come October, the city will get busy - first dancing to the ...

What Can You Watch On Tv To Relax From Stress?

Life on earth is becoming more complex day by day. People are stressed out every day due to a lot of reasons. They are caught amidst deadlines at work, family responsibilities, social responsibilities, and more. Now that many jobs demand working for extended hours, people live with stress every day.

Presidential Material

A political cartoon about how the sorry crop of 2012 GOP candidates measure up.

Palin Bomb Ride

A parody of Dr. Strangelove featuring Sarah Palin riding a bomb.

Death Panels

A political cartoon depicting private insurance companies as the real death panels in the U.S. healthcare system.

Making 2006, Like, a Big Deal and Stuff

The new year is approaching us, and that means that most people are thinking about the resolution that sounds the most impressive to others and yet is also simultaneously the easiest to break.Meanwhile, I am thinking about some changes that I believe can benefit society -- and trust me, I know a lot

What The Dell? My Laptop Just Exploded!

Dell, which cant seem to avoid ad slogans that substitute its name for hell, has recently found itself confronted with the apt inadvertence of its laptops bursting into flame. Facing such a deleterious constraint on the eagerness of consumers to buy the explosive creations, the company has agreed to

McCain's Chances

An editorial cartoon about John McCain's chances of winning the presidential election.

Black-Eye Friday

A political cartoon about Black Friday holiday shopping injuries.

Obama Flip-Flopping

A political cartoon about Barack Obama's flip-flop on campaign finance.

Terror Alert Redux

A political cartoon about Congress's manufactured crises.

Sarah the Wealth Spreader

A political cartoon about Sarah Palin and her attempts to spread the wealth through shopping.

How to Go About Booking Comedy Hypnotists

If you want to provide the perfect entertainment for your guests, then you need not look any further than a comedy hypnotist. They have the special talents and entertainment expertise to make your guests feel special and go back highly impressed. That is why people have loved to make comedy hypnotis

Top 16 Political Comedy CD's

Funny audio CD's poking fun at politicians of every stripe. Compare the best prices from around the Web.