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Things To Consider Before Buying Baby Furniture Convertible Crib

When visiting a baby crib and furniture sale you need to keep an eye out for a baby furniture convertible crib. This is a crib that you will keep around for a long time even as your child grows. You want to invest in furniture that will last a while and that is the advantage of using a baby furnitur

Spanish Bilingual Education: More Benefits Than You May Realize

Remembering that young children can greatly benefit from exposure to a variety of cultures and languages is important when evaluating any Brookline daycare program.The developing skills of youngsters are particularly responsive to an enriched environment where more than one language is spoken.For th

Newborn Morbidities and Health Charges

Learn how recent health care legislative acts, federal budget cuts, and changes in health care reimbursement are posing significant challenges for mothers accessing health care for their infants.

What Are the Causes of a Premature Baby?

Annual occurrences of premature births in the U.S. are up 36 percent since the early 1980s.thinking baby image by Galina Barskaya from Fotolia.comCounted in weeks, the term of a pregnancy begins on the first day of the pregnant woman's last menstrual cycle. A normal, or term, delivery...

Baby Hats At Unbelievable Prices

Be it autumn or summer, winter or spring, windy or rainy, your baby is much safer with a baby hat on. Besides making your baby look all the more cuter, baby hats are necessary to protect their delicate heads

Oonga Boonga by Frieda Wishinsky

When baby Louise comes home from the hospital, the family is overwhelmed by her loud and long crying spells. As the story unfolds, big brother Daniel seems to be able to soothe Louise like no other. This books is well-matched to siblings feeling a bit lost at the birth of a new baby brother or siste

Tests for Giardiasis

Giardiasis is a condition caused by infection by a microscopic parasite called Giardia lamblia. The illness occurs worldwide and can spread by food, from person to person and in water. Symptoms of giardiasis include cramps, bloating, nausea, vomiting, low-grade fever and diarrhea. Giardiasis often c

No-tray High Chair

A report conducted on UK restaurants by Microban found that “while some of the high chairs were relatively clean, others had concentrations of bacteria as high as 1,200 bacteria per square centimeter”

3 Baby Deaths Spur Crib Recall

The deaths of three infants have spurred the recall of some 1 million Simplicity cribs, including some bearing the Graco label.

Baby Birth Marks

This article describes about baby birthmarks and its types.

Free Potty Training Tips for Girls

There are plenty of free tips for potty training little girls.happy girl image by Mat Hayward from Fotolia.comOn average, children start potty training around the age of two, however, it is completely dependent on the child when she will be successful. If it is your first time potty...

Effects of Poverty & Infant Development

In the United States, 22 percent of children are raised in poverty, according to data from a 2001 U.S. Census Bureau study. There are approximately 6 million children younger than 6 who are extremely poor, or have household income less than 50 percent of the poverty level. In the latter half of the

School Violence Prevention Requires Comprehensive Social Effort

A comprehensive social effort will be required to reduce school violence, according to U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno, speaking here at the 69th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics. 'School violence can't be thought of outside the whole [culture],' she says. 'We ne

Several Of The Many Popular Baby Frames

Taking pictures is a big part of preserving those precious moments in time we never want to forget. When an adorable new baby is the focus of those precious memories, the pictures can add up as the camera never seems to stop flashing. The easy part is taking all those photos and looking at them over