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Justice at Last Obama's Birth on Trial

Well folks, it was bound to happen sooner or later. The argument concerning Barack Obama's eligibility to hold the highest political office in our country has final found a court to hear its case. The planned court arguments are scheduled for January 11th and the judge has set the trial for Jan

Presidential Succession Rules

Presidential succession rules have changed over the years.whitehouse image by jedphoto from Fotolia.comIf the President is incapacitated, dies, resigns or for any reason is unable to hold his office, or is removed from office by means of impeachment or conviction, the United States...

The Nation's Health

The Nations health has been a top priority for the current administration. How health care reform will affect the nations health remains to be seen. However, as far as health goes (vs. cost), it should prove positive.

How to Be a Good Matron in the Order of the Eastern Star

The Order of the Eastern Star is the largest fraternal organization for men and women, spanning 46 states in the United States, eight Canadian provinces, the District of Columbia, Bolivia, Brazil and Puerto Rico. The General Grand Chapter is located in Washington, D.C., but there are individual chap

How to Protect a Prophet From a Teddy Bear

If we didn't actually see it would we believe it?British middle school teacher Gillian Gibbons sits in fear of her life in a Sudanese jail because she named a teddy bear given to her students, Muhammad.

The Balance of Lives

George Bush is ready to spend $7.5 billion dollars to protect the US from a disease that currently poses no danger and has so far killed no Americans, and only 62 people worldwide. Meanwhile, Bill Gates, much maligned by the media and internet geeks, is spending over $258 million in research toward

Governor Perry Denying Healthcare Coverage - A Travesty

It is time for Texas to get a new governor. When a governor consistently works against the interest of most of his state's citizens for the ideological benefit of a vociferous few, it makes him incapable of leading anyone. Governor Perry has opted out of participating in the High Risk Pool that

Etiquette on How to Display the Flag

Everyone in America has the right to proudly display the United States flag in their yard or home. However, this is not a piece of decor that should be taken lightly. Rules dictate how you should display the flag, from the time and place to the appropriate orientation. By adhering to these regulatio

Figurative Speech and Meanings

Figurative speech includes any word or phrase not intended to be taken literally. Writers and speakers frequently use figures of speech to make prose more lively and memorable, to add emotional impact, or to paint a picture--so to speak--with their words. A reader can deduce the meaning of a figure

Brokered Conventions: A Primer

It looks as though there may end up being a brokered convention for the GOP. Do you know what a brokered convention is or how it works? Get the run down.

U.S. Flag Coffin Procedures

In the United States, flag-draped coffins honor fallen military personnel, veterans and even extremely patriotic Americans. The etiquette for properly displaying the flag is codified in the U.S Flag Code.

What Is a Troop Surge?

When a nation is engaged militarily, decisions made to manage the engagement fall into two categories: strategic and tactical. A troop surge is an example a strategic decision.

The Powers of the Presidency

In the United States the power of government is divided among three specific entities: the Legislative Branch, which is tasked with making laws; the Executive Branch, which is tasked with enforcing laws; and the Judiciary Branch, with is responsible for adjudicating constitutional disputes. The Exec

NATO - Russia Council Fails to Make Decisions on Drug Eradication

It is for this reason that all the initiatives on Afghanistan coming from Russia and its allies will be rejected. Even if they receive a formal "approval" from the North Atlantic Alliance, it will still amount to a denial, because the establishment of normal life and culture of Afghans, el

Heated Political Debates

If you think political fighting is bad now, you don't know your history. Yesteryear's politics makes today's seem mild by comparison.

How to Register on an Electoral Roll in Scotland

In Scotland, the list of registered voters, known as the electoral roll or electoral register, is kept at local electoral registration offices. British citizens who wish to vote in elections must apply to go on the electoral roll. Some non-U.K. citizens who are residents of Scotland are also permit

Appreciate The Job That Your Veterans Do For You

We do a better job in this country of showing appreciation for our veterans than we ever have before but we can do more. Why doesn't the military take better care of discharged veterans who have given of their lives and souls to serve this country.

How to Run for Mayor in a Small Georgia Town

Registering to run for mayor in a small Georgia town isn't hard. It simply requires researching your local ordinance code to see if you meet the eligibility requirements, and winning your party's nomination if applicable. Winning an election, however, is tougher. You will benefit from a strong knowl