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The War on Worry

We like to go to war on things we think are wrong or bad; the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war against crime. We need to have a war on worry because worry is wrong and bad; it underlies, and may be in part the cause of, crime, drugs and, perhaps, even poverty.

Discover the Hidden Ways Illness Protects You and Tap Them Away With EFT

There are very few people who consciously want to be ill, so it is our subconscious which holds us back and prevents us from recovering. It is the subconscious, afraid of stepping out of the present comfort zone, which convinces us it is not safe to assume a new identity of health, vibrancy and mobi

How to Forgive Others

There are times when we are hurt by others, and the pain won't seem to go away. We can either let this keep us tied up in anger, or we can strip away the sting by forgiving. Forgiveness is not forgetting, but clearing the offense from our system. Here's how:

Schizophrenia - Causes and Cure

Knowing Causes Can Help in Curing Schizophrenia - Factors responsible for Schizophrenia and steps to cure it - Schizophrenia is a mental disorder involving a distorted or abnormal perception of reality. These distortions could involve any of the five senses but are most often auditory hallucinations

What Causes Williams Syndrome Symptoms?

Williams Syndrome is a rare genetic condition caused by a small deletion of genetic material from one copy of chromosome 7. This removes DNA coding for about 20 to 30 genes. As this deletion occurs randomly, there's nothing that any parent could do to prevent it happening. The fact that these g

Tooth Brushing Tips

Some say that the smile is the first feature that they notice in others. However, oral health is important in more ways that simply making an impression. Teeth are an important part of our overall well-being and as a result, it is important to familiarize yourself with proper brushing techniques.

How Blue Are You?

Counseling really can help. Contact a mental health professional, and can get to work figuring out what you need in order to heal and live your life joyfully, and how to get it. You've already suffered too long; don't suffer any more.

How to Effectively Treat Symptoms of Anxiety Attacks

When you are trying to think of different ways to keep your anxiety attacks under control, you are going to need some help. You have to realize that the more options you have for yourself, ...

Measurable Goals in Grief Counseling

Processing through any type of loss can devastate a person. Most people respond to a loss with grief and sadness, although this can manifest in different ways. Many people think of loss in terms of the death of a family member or loved one; however, people may suffer grief over the loss of a job, re

Alcohol Disequilibrium Treatment

Disequilibrium is a balance disorder with different underlying causes. Long-term alcohol use or abuse or short-term alcohol use like binge drinking can be part of the causes of disequilibrium, or vertigo, and other disruptions of normal balance. Treatment of this disorder ranges from as simple as ab

How Can Chamomile Help With ADHD?

Stimulant and nonstimulant medications are treatments of choice for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Parents face a tough decision of whether to medicate their children with prescription medications, some of which may have addictive properties and

Qigong Loosens PTSD Grip On Our Hearts

Perhaps either you or a loved one has experienced past trauma, too. There are certain, basic aspects about it that make us blue. Every single hurt we had or continue to attract creates a wall. ...

The reasons somebody call you Emo

Emo is the expression of self-freedom, a lot of mention that emo always interpreted with negative things, truly that is right!, but there also have the positive things, likes a simple emo hairstyle, and permanently ...

Clearing Physical Pain With a 10 Step N- EFT Protocol

When someone is in pain there are more aspects to focus on than just the painful symptoms. Alchemist Anne shares her successful protocol, points out which meridian points to tap, and guides you to ease anyone's pain using N- EFT.

How to Cure Grief

Grief is more than simply feeling sad. A grieving person feels a deep sense of pain and loss, often associated with the death of a loved one or a major life change. While most grief eventually fades with time, several factors may help you overcome grief. Some theories purport that there are five dis

Thunder Magic

Last night around 3:00am, I jumped out of bed from all the action happening outside. The sky was lit up and my whole house was shaking from the thunder. The energy was AWESOME!

The All Natural Alzheimer's Prevention Strategy

The all natural Alzheimer's prevention strategy improves cognition and optimizes brain function with a proven multi-nutrient approach.It's safe, effective and supported with published clinical studies.Follow this all natural preventative strategy to prevent cognitive decline and support he

Methods to Decrease Aspiration When Using a Trach Tube

A trachestomy is a medical procedure that creates an opening in the windpipe to facilitate breathing. A tracheostomy tube is inserted into the airway through a stoma (an opening cut into the throat), creating an opening for breathing which bypasses nose and mouth. A trach tube can be left in place f