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Business Phone Advice - What Is the Best Business Mobile Plan For You?

Whether you only have your own business phone or you are responsible for a fleet of business smartphones, choosing the right mobile plan is absolutely vital. The problem is that most of the advertising you see can be confusing and it may be hard to navigate through all of the inclusions and exclusio

How to Bring Your Cell Phone Bill Down

Cell phone charges can get expensive when you have a regular contract with a company that has cell phone plans such as Verizon or AT&T. There are ways that you can bring down the cost of your cell phone bill so that it is manageable and you can continue to pay your cell phone bill. When you are stru

How to Remove the Text on the Amazon Slideshow Widget

If you're using Amazon Slideshow widgets to make money on your blog or website, you know how easy it was to set up the widget and add text that appears over the media you are advertising on your blog. If you've created some text that you now want to remove from the widget, it is tough to do by just

Nokia 6110 Navigator - the Pathfinder

Nokia has come up with a mobile phone to show others the way - literally. Its latest arrival - the Nokia 6110 Navigator is loaded with Global Positioning System (GPS) and Assisted Global Positioning System (AGPS) for precise navigation anywhere in the world.

Big Button Mobile PhoneCalling Made Easy For The Elderly

The mobile phones available today are highly equipped with the latest technology and features. However, these features have made the phones very difficult to use and navigate, especially, for the aged generation of today. Thus to assist these people, mobile manufacturers have launched big button pho

Your Own Camera Phone Samsung U600 Garnet Red

The internal memory of Samsung U600 is about 60 MB, which is very less for die hard music fans. Samsung U600 phone is much more attractive and different from its creed of similar looking phones. Samsung's latest and the greatest slider phone, the Samsung U600 is yet another striking slim device

The HTC Rhyme features great camera for photos

With the HTC Rhyme you can capture photos, enhance the image taken and easily share them with your friends and other contacts. The simple to use user interface, called HTC Sense within the speed and ...

How to Send Multiple Texts on the iPhone

The iPhone is a smartphone manufactured by Apple. Along with several other functions, you can send SMS or text messages to your friends and family. If you want to send the same text message to several recipients, it is possible by creating a new message and adding each of your recipients to the "To"

How to Make Glitter Text for MySpace

MySpace allows its members to easily customize their profile pages to reflect their current moods, personalities and interests. One of the ways they do this is with glitter text - a creative way to make your name or other short wordings take on a computer-animated sparkle. Making glitter text is fre