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How to Remove Federal Liens From Credit Reports

Federal liens on a credit report are a negative mark on your creditworthiness. They can hamper your ability to secure financing for cars, personal loans, mortgages and can even affect your ability to gain employment. Most federal liens are tax-related --- either due to unpaid federal taxes, property

Social Security Benefits for Widows at Age 60

Surviving on Social Security survivors benefits alone is difficult for widows and widowers at age 60. Older widows and widowers fare a little better after reaching full retirement age. Age 60 is the first opportunity for widows with no minor children to claim survivors benefits unless a disability e

Can People Keep Contesting an Estate?

Probate is the legal process by which a court helps oversee the administration and distribution of a deceased's estate. The decedent's will governs the distribution of the estate -- if it is valid. Heirs and other beneficiaries may challenge the will on certain grounds, but only for a limited time.

Home Energy Assistance Programs in Maryland

Maryland offers financial assistance for energy-efficient door replacements.front door image by from Fotolia.comMaryland state agencies offer financial assistance programs to help residents with gas and electricity payments and home weatherization improvements. Each program has...

Explanation of an Ex-Dividend Date

If dividend-paying stocks are a part of your investment portfolio, there are a few key dates that you will want to be aware of for each stock. When a company declares a dividend, it also establishes a record date. The record date is used by the company; everyone on record as a shareholder of the com

Safeguarding Your Financial Future

Many financial advisers would say that the best way to protect your financial life is to save money for emergencies. The simple idea that you have money enough to protect yourself from unseen events is ...

How to Calculate 401(k) Withdrawal Penalties

As long as you wait until you turn 59-and-a-half years old to take distributions from your 401k plan, you do not have to pay any penalties on your distributions, just the regular income taxes. The Internal Revenue Service only allows early distributions from 401k plans in limited situations, such as

College of the Mainland Scholarships

Established in 1966, the College of the Mainland in Texas City, Texas, is a public two-year institution that serves a 237-square-mile area. For the 2010 to 2011 school year, the cost of tuition ranged from $210 to $735 for in-district students per term, depending on the number of credits taken. Sch

Are Mortgage Rates Compounded Monthly?

Compound interest is a common factor in mortgage terms and plays a vital role in creating payment schedules that control how much borrowers have to pay each month. The mortgage interest rate is very important because it determines how much interest the borrower must pay in addition to the principal

With Income Some Quality Investments Is Necessary

If you contain or have a fixed monthly income preparation then you might able to get a fixed or definite amount of income per monthly at a definite or exact rate of interest without obstructing ...

Why Buy E Bonds?

Series E bonds, referred to as Series EE bonds if purchased after 1980, are savings bonds that the U.S. Treasury issues for purchase by the general public. These securities are generally thought to be some of the safest on the market, but an investor should be careful to ensure that his investment g

What Deductions Are Taken From Social Security Paychecks?

In 2010, more than 54 million people in the United States received $58 billion in Social Security benefits. Social Security checks are distributed from three benefit programs -- retirement, survivors and disability -- tax-free. However, benefit payments are decreased through deductions authorized by

How to Make a Budget for Clothes

Clothing is a basic necessity and common expense, like housing, food and transportation. While the cost of clothing, buying frequency, family size, personal taste and other factors will vary from person to person, creating a clothing budget will help promote responsible spending habits. Creating a m

How to Open an Escrow Account for a Landlord

An escrow account is an account set up with a neutral third party (such as an escrow agent, bank or some other financial institution) to hold funds in trust until particular conditions are met by the person for whom the money is designated. Landlords are legally required to set up escrow accounts to

What Is the Average Pay for a Special Educational Assistant?

A special education assistant can also be referred to as a paraprofessional. Special education assistants help provide accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities. Special education assistants can also provide personal care services for special education students such as help wit

Try Our Vehicle Finance Calculator Today

Our Vehicle Finance Calculator is designed for South Africans who are purchasing a new or used automobile and would like to work out what their monthly payments will be. It is founded on what banks ...

How to Estimate My FAFSA EFC

The Expected Family Contribution, or EFC, is the estimated amount of money your family will be able to put toward your college expenses based on your family's total household income. This amount will automatically be shown to you once you have finished the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, o

Social Security Checks & Death

When you die, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will pay survivors benefits to your family if you contributed to the program. Requirements set by the benefit program determine who is eligible and how much is paid out. In addition to your current family, your ex-spouse, if she was married to y