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Should I Feed Fiber Wheat Bread to the Dog?

Wheat bread contains a wide variety of vitamins and minerals.sliced wheat brerad image by Roslen Mack from Fotolia.comOn One Hand: High in CarbohydratesAccording to the experts at Raw Learning, dogs require a protein-based diet and very few carbohydrates. Wheat bread provides little...

Pet Bird Supplies - Get the Right Stuff

When you go looking for pet bird supplies the first requirement is a proper perch. Some people argue that a proper cage is the most important supply. They could be right. It can be considered a toss-up which is more important. However, even in choosing a cage, you have to think about the perch. Your

Home Cure for Parakeet Diarrhea

There are many causes of diarrhea in parakeets, from a sensitivity to food to salmonella to psittacosis. Most digestive conditions experienced by parakeets can be treated at home, without costly trips to an exotic pet veterinarian and expensive medications. As a matter of fact, there are several hom


Definition of the term "quarantine" as it pertains to keeping pet birds.

Birds & Food Poisoning

Food poisoning in birds is caused when a bird eats or drinks something that is contaminated or unhealthy. Pet owners often share their meals with their pet birds, not knowing that the food might be harmful to the bird's overall well-being. Some human foods present health risks to birds if consumed,

Angry Birds: Why They Misbehave and What To Do About It

If you've been trying to see eye to eye with your pet bird but can't seem to stop his or her bad behavior, then check out this article for tons of helpful tips that will help you and your bird understand each other better, and ultimately resolve your bird's behavior problems.

Where to Find the Black-Billed Cuckoo

Learn where to find the black-billed cuckoo, including what types of habitats it prefers as well as its complete breeding and non-breeding range.

How to Get Rid of Egrets

Egrets are large birds that gather in flocks and create large nesting areas known as heronries. They are drawn to tall trees with dense vegetation. They are protected under the Federal Migratory Bird Act, and once they nest, it is illegal to disturb them. However, if you notice egrets in your area a

How to Make a Nesting Box for Parakeets

If you plan to breed parakeets, you must supply the female with a nesting box. It is easy to make your own as long as you have basic woodworking skills and tools. The box has an opening inside the cage where the bird can enter to lay and then incubate her eggs. The back of the nesting box is on a hi

Cactus Wren Diet

The cactus wren, the state bird of Arizona, is a very stout, hardy and curious bird. It is one of the few birds suited to survive in the harsh desert climate of the Southwestern U.S. It makes its home in the thorny skyscrapers of the desert, the Saguaro cactus. Should you ever find yourself in charg


Description of Salmonella infection in parrots and other pet birds.

Best Pet Bird

Depending on what you want, a bird may be the perfect pet for you. Birds require some care of course but not so much as other pets that you might have.