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The Illusionary Matrix - How to stop the Madness!

I've have the pleasure to have interviewed many successful people about wealth, my mission: to discover what makes them so successful.Breaking free from self-imposed or otherwise prisons in our life requires applied spiritual knowledge directly to the heart of the matter...In the literal sense,

This is Your Brain on Stress

Stress can damage a part of the brain involved in learning and memory, called the hippocampus. New studies provide clues into how that happens and what we can do to prevent it.

Building Motivation Is A Daily Exercise

Here are 7 powerful strategies to help you make the most out of every day of your life.It is easy to be successful if you know the right steps.

Checking Out the Unlimited Angels in Our Lives

Not all people believe in angels but at times people claim to see them or feel their presence.Some think of them as superstitious lore, some as legends that are long gone and some are convinced that they walk the earth, guiding and watching over us.It is thought by many that angels are messengers, a

Hearts Melody

Almost everyone knows the story of Dorothy on her way to Oz, Luke Skywalker who battles the Dark Side or Odysseus on his life quest. Is the pursuing of dreams and fighting of battles only ...

Mastering Motivation As A Life Coach

Contribution is how you build a successful life coaching practice and attract clients.As a life coach, without contribution, you won't have a big enough WHY. Your motivation will eventually fizzle.

The Perfect Truth

The power of self-realization is at hand. Gather courage now and learn to trust, prepared to be vulnerable. Cultivate your idea of God wisdom and attune to the cosmic consciousness. The harvest of the world is at hand, what is there to harvest, you might ask.

Three Steps to Winning More Energy by Clearing Clutter

Having your home and your office well organized makes it easier to get things done. But purging clutter and unnecessary items from your surroundings can also symbolize a deeper process of cleansing and purification in ...

Why Coaching is More Effective Than Training

Today, there is a major shift in the workplace as to how our team members learn.Leaders must know the difference between "training" and "coaching", and begin to learn how to effectively coach team members to provide continual performance improvement.

Are You a "Head" Person or a "Feeling" Person? And Why Does It Matter?

Hello Readers - I have a new article up, taking A Deeper Look at Personality Concepts, particularly the differences between "head" people and "feeling" people, and how these two distinct ways of seeing and interacting with the world can often make for strained communication. They

Being Truthful and Unbiased, Becoming the Man You Were Destined to Be

Being truthful and unbiased in our dealings with one another is essential to us becoming the men we were destined to be. Let's look take a deep look at the ninth commandment, Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor, and see how it can help us become better men.

Leadership and Motivating Others

Every person is motivated when he or she wants to do something. Motivation is all the reason which causes a person to act, including negative ones like fear along with more positive motives, such as money, career advancement, love, or recognition.

How to Manifest Your Destiny

Do you have life long dreams in your life that you would like to see manifested? Do you often feel like you cannot accomplish the task ahead of you? Do you yearn for more but never attain?

Discerning Spiritual Truth

We all sometimes wish we had THE answer, that we knew THE truth.Unfortunately, Truth is not a black and white concept.How can we know what is really True?

Funeral Celebrants

Celebrants provide personalized alternative funeral services for families who do not want to have a traditional religious service.

Improve Your Children's Creativity

Every child is born creative. Each and every child is blessed with a set of unique skills and talents which only require to be polished. We need to identify their talent and interests and help them work towards it. Each and every child, and adult, has a spark of creativity. We just need to awaken it