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Reasons Why People Read Horoscopes

Horoscope is so very popular nowadays. When you read newspapers, books or magazines, you can always see their own column or section for daily horoscopes. When you also surf on the internet, you can se

Group Building Activities for Catholic Youth

A group-building exercise can create of people image by Nikolay Okhitin from Fotolia.comOne challenge Catholic youth ministers face when working with middle- and high-school students at youth functions is how to create new connections, especially between public and...

Dancing with Angels

Throughout history, angels have been known as guiding spirits. They have been called "Messengers of God." Angels have been seen as encouraging souls whose purpose is to lead us through transformative events in our lives. ...

The Value of Meditation in the Life of a Christian

I have been a Christian now for almost 30 years and can tell you that my Christian walk prior to practicing meditation and being still before the Lord doesn't even compare to my life afterward. ...

Learn Vedic Astrology, Chapter 6

(Profession & Occupations) Economic occupation, ruling class, royal/ govt. appointment, magistrate, ruler, administrator, dealer in wool, commission agent, forest officer, creator, promoter, o

What Are Navajos Famous For?

Navajos live on territorial grounds in Utah, New Mexico and Arizona. Today, the Navajos have a viable economy and an increasing population. The Navajo Nation is one of the wealthiest Native American nations. Known mostly for the code talkers in WW II, they also have other items for which they are

Hindu God Lord Shiva, Photo, Temples Information, Jyotirlinga And Snaps

Being Lord Brahma – the designer and the Lord Vishnu – the guard. Lord Shiva was critical structure of the huge. It is just like a rotation of the damage and play is going as it is. Lord Shiva’s major duty is to take care of this living rotation. About the Scholar it has been said

The (never)Thought Problem

Thought does not have the ability to percept the whole. To experience the whole, all the scriptures advise the thoughtlessness state. Today, scientists all over the world are trying to get the univers