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Psychological Share Trading.

The title sounds very outlandish and somewhat unnerving. But in reality it is about one of the most common and basic traits in our nature that in reality make us what we are, and only ...

Ways to Make Money for Your Local Playground

Our community is reasonably new and I love the fact that we all seem to team together to help each other out. Because we all moved into our new homes at a similar time we all seemed to team together and fortunately we have children a similar age. We love the area we love in but unfortunately it does

Tips on Bond Mutual Funds

Evaluate bond funds using several criteria.glasses, cup and diagram image by Victor M. from Fotolia.comBond mutual funds pool investor money to own a diversified portfolio of bond securities. There are many different types of bond funds based on the types of bonds they own. Bond funds are...

How Does an Annuity Contract Work?

Annuity contracts are designed to provide you with an income stream that either begins immediately after you purchase the contract or at a future date. Insurance companies sell annuity contracts, and aside from providing income, the contracts usually have the option to include some life insurance co

Mechanical Trading Systems

Mechanical trading systems are definitely common when you talk to professional traders.Mechanical systems are the systems that all new traders should start with.

Mutual Funds - Key Points To Consider Before Investing

Mutual funds are ideal for people who do not have the time or patience to take the effort needed for successful stock picking. They offer the investor a wide choice of exposure to different asset classes and sectors according to risk profile and if chosen wisely can provide extremely satisfying retu

Best Penny Shares To Buy

Finding the best penny stocks to buy does require some skill and sometimes a bit of luck. If you are looking to take the next step with your investment portfolio start learning how to buy the best penny stocks now.

9 Ways To Rake In The Dough At Your Next Bake Sale

There are a lot of bake sale haters out there. You may even be one yourself. I know it's easy to dismiss the most clichd, most over-done, most dreaded of all the fundraisers in the known universe.But, I'm here to defend the lowly bake sale. I'm here to champion the 8' folding tab

Business Finance and Corporate Value

The primary goal of business finance is to maximise corporate value while also reducing a firm's financial risk. Whether you are starting a business, expanding it or investing in it to keep it competitive you are going to need finance help at some stage of your business venture.

How to Invest in a Stock Index

Investing in a stock market index can be an excellent alternative to individual stocks and managed mutual funds. Over the long haul, very few managed mutual funds beat the index, and it is impossible to know ahead of times which funds will shine and which will falter. Investing in a stock market ind

How to Make Fast Money - Try Your Hand in the Stock Market!

Of all the many ways that we use to make extra money now and then, the stock market seems to be the least used method. Perhaps this is because many people find the stock market to be a scary place. In truth, it can be a scary place; there are people losing money left and right, as well as a large am

What Is a Pound Compared to the U.S. Dollar?

The currency of the United Kingdom is the British pound, and foreign currency traders use the symbol GBP. The U.S. dollar is found on the currency trading markets under USD. The exchange rate between the currencies is important to travelers, currency traders and businesses.

Things to Do Before You Enter Stock Trading

Many people think that they would be perfect for penny stock trading. However, most of them fail to understand that any sort of investment has risks and you should not take risks that cannot be afforded by you.

3 Golden Tips For a Successful School Fundraiser

The sheer numbers of students that are attending elementary and middle schools creates a huge potential for sales and high profits. On the other side of that coin, the large numbers also make organizing a bit harder as well. But if you know what to do, this challenge should be easily handled. There

Offset Your Gas Costs With Stock Investments

Are you interested in having the oil companies pay your gas for the rest of your life? Of course you are who wouldn't be? No, I don't have a big question mark on my chest touting government grants. I just have capitalism.

Are Individual Stock Market Gains Taxable?

Any investment gains, public or private, are taxable. Any profit that you make selling stocks must be reported to the IRS on your tax return as a "capital gain" and taxed are accordingly.

2 Technical Indicators Every Share Investor Should Be Familiar With

A lot of stock market investors use fundamental analysis to find potential companies to invest in and then use technical analysis to help them with their entry and exit points. However to maximize your potential returns, there are two key technical indicators that I think every investor should be aw

Ever Thought of Being a Trader?

Making money from financial markets is within easy reach for the disciplined. In this article a professional trader talks about trading and the personality traits that both help or hinder new traders.

What Is a Money Market Fund?

Money market funds have become popular alternatives to savings accounts, but many investors don't understand exactly how they work. Money market mutual funds also are frequently confused with money market deposit accounts. Here's how to tell the difference.