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Setting Up a Fishing Kayak

Kayak fishing is a form of sport fishing that is truly coming into its own. A growing number of anglers are choosing fishing kayaks over larger motorized boats. Exercise, stealth and strategy are all parts of kayak fishing that hook many people on the sport. When setting up an kayak for fishing ther

Sport Fishing in Massachusetts

Sport fishing off the coast of Massachusetts is widely available and easy to arrange. Charters can be booked from Gloucester to Cape Cod, and the Atlantic Ocean yields sport fish like striped bass, cod, haddock, tuna, shark and bluefish. Boats sail daily from as early as March through November each

Joe Don's Crappie Secrets

Joe Don, like many of us, is a crappie fisherman. He loves nothing more than to catch a mess of crappie, take 'em home and eat 'em. He typically starts his fishing in the winter ...

Raising Bait Minnows in Tanks

Fishermen will tell you that you can catch just about anything with minnows. They are the "catch all" of the fishing world so it is no surprise that bait minnows are a billion dollar industry. Whether you want to use them for your own fishing adventures or you want to sell them for profit raising

How to Identify the Rainbow Trout

The rainbow trout, commonly referred to as a red band or steel head trout, are considered to be one of the most popular fish on the planet for eating and fishing. They are uncommonly strong for their size, and are they are known to be lively fighters for sport fishermen across the globe. Though th

How to Fish on a Moss-Covered Pond

Many moss-covered ponds hold trophy fish. The main requirement is that the moss is not so thick that it completely robs the pond of oxygen. Fishing in the moss is a nuisance if you do not know how to make a proper approach. Once you learn how to deal with the moss, it will cause very few problems an

Black Buck Hunting in Texas

The Black Buck is an antelope that was originally introduced to south and west Texas. They are from India and Nepal and are very fast and agile animals. Most of the hunting of these animals is done on private exotic ranches.

A Gulper Eel Diet

The gulper eel, also known as the umbrella mouth gulper and the pelican eel, lives in the deepest regions of the sea. Most are about 2 to 6 feet long. They have a long whiplike tail, but are mostly all mouth with a large, loosely hinged jaw. Thanks to that jaw, the gulper eel can take in prey much b

Tips on Catching Bass in Ponds

There can be bass in small ponds, but catching these fish is another matter. Small pond bass tend to be more wary since their environment offers much less cover than a river or lake in most instances. You need to have a strategy when trying to catch bass in small ponds and stick to it.

Fly Fishing for Bass, Ultimate Fun!

Bass fly fishing can be a great experience for both the beginner fly fisherman as well as the experienced. Fishing for bass can be extremely challenging as well as satisfying. Bass have larger mouths than ...

Facts About Gray Seals

The gray seal, scientifically referred to as Halichoerus grypus, is a sea mammal which inhabits the open ocean and mainly occupies regions ranging from eastern Canada to the Baltic Sea. The animal is a part of the Phocidae (ear-less seal) family and has the ability to dive to depths of up to about 4

How to Clear a Birds Nest From Your Casting Reel

Experienced anglers who target fish such as bass, muskies and northern pike often use casting reels. Designed to handle big fish, these reels can accommodate heavy fishing line and lures. Experienced anglers like the ability they have to manually tune casting reels. One of the primary drawbacks of c

Habitat of Antarctic Fur Seals

Antarctic fur seals rely on their blubber and fur to survive in their harsh environment. This fur was prized by hunters; the seals were hunted to near extinction in the 18th and 19th century. They are now protected from hunting and have successfully re-established their numbers.

How to Use Downriggers

So, you want to fish for the giant lake trout you're always hearing about, but you have never used a downrigger, a trolling device that uses a large weight to keep a fishing line and its lure at a controlled depth. Downriggers consist of a spool of steel cable (which can be motorized or hand operate

Range of Sea Turtle Habitat

Sea turtles range throughout the world, living in temperate and tropical ocean waters. Designated as endangered, these long-lived aquatic reptiles are often caught in shrimping nets and fishing lines, hit by cars, and hunted for their meat, shells and eggs as they range through their habitats.

How to Tie Fishing Line Together

Tying fishing line together is done for a variety of purposes. Joining line is done to attach leaders to the main line as well as making various rigs for fresh and salt water. Typically line is made of mono-filament or fluorocarbon and will require a specialized knot in order to prevent the knot fro

Components of a Zigzag Lure

Zigzag lures are a unique type of fishing lure which resemble naturally occurring foods such as minnows. As they are pulled through the water, Zigzag lures entice fish to bite. While common lures move with an artificial 'back and forth' movement, Zigzag lures have a dying minnow flutter that entices

Coarse Fishing in Ireland

Your Guide To Coarse Fishing In IrelandIf you've ever dreamt about a coarse fishing trip to Ireland and wondered how you can turn that dream into reality, then the answer is at your fingertips. Begin ...

How to Connect the Leader to Braid Fishing Line

Using a leader for fishing has many benefits. A leader lets you use a swivel to quickly change hooks, baits and lures without cutting your line. A steel leader also prevents fish with sharp teeth from turning on the line and cutting it as you're reeling them in.