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Flying to Miami on the "Cheap"

Air travel is expensive, and everyone is looking to save a buck or two during this continued economic recession. Find out how you can locate cheap flights to Miami that will leave you with some money in your pocket for doing other exciting Miami activities once you get there.

Best Time to Visit Spain

When visiting Spain, the best time to visit is purely a matter of choice; frankly, everyone has a chosen time of the season to travel. Most people based their decision upon the weather and what's going on in surrounding cities. And there's always something going on in Spain, all year aroun

Seven Things to Do in Sydney

Have you always wanted to visit Sydney, Australia. This article tells you the seven things you must do when you are in Sydney. From scaling the Harbour Bridge, to laying by the beach at Bondi, Sydney is a city of dynamic contrasts, packed with adventure. Visit the famous Taronga Park Zoo were you ca

An Overview of Spanish Culture

The Spanish culture has always been intensely influenced by all who have passed her by; from the Romans and Greeks to the Moors, Phoenicians and North Africans. The primary languages of Spain are Valencia and ...